Monday, March 31, 2008

stolen from giscelle's blog :)

91 words
it's like typing tutor. i loved that program...they took paragraphs from nancy drew mysteries for practice runs and tests. speaking of which:
i started collecting them in grade 3 or 4 i think but stopped when i got to canada. i had wanted sweet valley twins from my parents but my mom thought that it would be better for me to read these instead. i loved sweet valley, twins and high. i remember when i used to borrow the svh ones from my aunt who was still in high school. i used to hide them from my mom because i remember being scandalized by the kissing scenes in them. you can't blame me though. they were really adultish compared to the sv kids.
other series i read as a kid were babysitters' clubs, goosebumps and some hardy boys. i also loved loved archie comics (although i prefer reading betty&veronica).
in grade two or three i think i started reading little women already. jo is and will always be my favorite. i hated amy because she was a brat and she ended up with laurie. and even worse she's played by kirsten dunst who i cannot stand. i also read hans christian andersen fairytales which were really morbid. of course the little mermaid that you know now is not the original story. (if you don't want me to spoil it for you, skip this part!) she does get her legs, but every step she takes is supposed to hurt like daggers. it all ends tragically too- she throws herself into the ocean and turns into foam. yes. i used to read those when i was a child.
in grade 6 i really loved katherine paterson's books...she wrote bridge to terabithia. that was the first book i had to study in canada for language arts. people in my class were shocked that i finished it right away. (yeah, i'm a nerd). my favorite one by her though is jacob have i loved. that one made me cry so much.
and then in grade 7&8 i attacked mrs. onody's reading corner and read almost every book. from horror stories, v.c andrews to charles dickens, victor hugo, charlotte bronte, among others. i used to read so much. now i can't read as much because there's way too much reading for school.
and then in high school, grade 9 to be specific, i discovered jane austen and pride & prejudice. :)
university came and i was exposed to a lot of novels...old ones, modern ones, dirty ones like lady chatterley's lover and white hotel. through my english lit classes i found sylvia plath, dorothy livesay who are a few of my favorite poets. i also found my love for menagerie, after the fall, i claudia, amadeus, cat on a hot tin roof.
and then there are the french ones that i've come to love: la cantatrice chauve, les belles-soeurs, littoral, a toi pour toujours ta marie lou, being at home with claude, provincetown playhouse. and now, believe it or not, i've come to love my french plays this year: tartuffe, le misanthrope, britannicus and phedre.

i can't wait for the summer though so i can read books that i actually want to read.
i will just have to stay away from depressing ones. this past summer i read anna karenina, tess of the d'ubervilles and the scarlet letter right after the other. my mom thought that i was depressed. haha.

now this one is from bmv in downtown. look at that loveliness:
now back to work. argh.


Giscelle said...

I watched Le Misanthrope's English version! Hehe. 91 words. :p I should really do it again! LOL!

I <3 Nancy Drew. And Hardy Boys! And Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys! I miss those books...

Anonymous said...

I struggled, after about...4 tries, and was lucky enough to score 81 words per minute. How you rocked out 91 is beyond me. What a badass.

- Jason

smelly melly said...

giscelle, i want to see a moliere play on stage! it must have been really funny!

that's right, jason, i'm a baaaadaaaassss.
muahaha. it's all the essays man. writing essays the night before they're due=nimble fingers (and puffy eyes). not my proudest moment, but oddly they were the best ones!