Wednesday, March 5, 2008

i am dead meat.
i am sitting amidst a pile of books...probably 40 of them now. all library books on corneille, racine and moliere and none of which have helped me come up with something to write about. it just doesn't interest me, that's why. it's due in two weeks and i can't even start my goodbye-glendon-countdown because that would mean that my essay would be due.
anyway, to make myself feel better about it, i've decided to help my little sister make invitations for her hello march break party on saturday.
next time i'm printing out envelope templates.
but these stickers are a steal! $2 from the dollar store. i discovered their sticker/scrapbooking section and found that they had stock paper!

anyway, tomorrow is my grad pic! my proof of liberation!!! i'm getting a bang trim and my makeup done just because i don't have the makeup and don't know how to do my eyes. oh and also because i look like c-r-a-p. my capillaries burst under my eyes, so not only do i have eyebags, i have polkadotted eyebags. hurrahurrah.
sigh. now back to that paper. someone save me from this month of hell and write my paper for me. please :)
and oh, i'm still not eating meat.

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