Thursday, March 6, 2008

audrey audrey audrey

i love love love audrey hepburn.
ever since i saw her on breakfast at tiffany's. it's my favorite movie. when i'm having the mean reds all i need to do is pop the movie in and i feel better already.
i hate how her face is plastered on bags though. and i hated it even more when gap used shots of her from funny face to create their commercial. i also hate that canvas that ikea has. this is much better. hehehe. a 45 of moon river from ebay.

she's just soooo....dignified.

yes. i was bored. hehehe.
okay now back to work.


jools said...

hey mel!
did u cut ur hair shorter?! its cute! did u know my hair's short too?! hihi . how did the grad picture go?

smelly melly said...

i just got a neck trim and got it texturized ;)and megan the awesomest hairdresser told me how to fix it.
yeeeeeeeeees! i saw! doesn't it feel so much better and don't you feel cooler?
grad pic went well! i didn't wear the cap for the pic...i'll have to wear it when i convocate (hehehe not a real word i think but oh well) though.