Tuesday, March 25, 2008

things i learned today.

(okay, yeah i said that i was going to take a break, but i can't)
1. there is no such thing as an organized mess: it's easier to work in your room when it's pretty and clean. it really helps when it's tidy...you think much better.
2. heating up a pizza pop (pop, not pocket) for a minute and then heating it again afterwards for another minute produces better results than heating it up for a full two minutes. the cheese doesn't explode all over the plate.
3. professor berube is adorable when given simple things like chocolate. he blushes like a tomato. so cute!
4. it's better to keep quiet when your mother is mad. :D
5. it's best to not ask for everyone's opinion regarding your essay or you will feel lost and screwed afterwards.
6. that viva pink takes fricking long and that after 8:13 am they discontinue their green bus. ARGH.
7. the "brekwich" breakfast sandwiches at coffee time (at selected branches) are pretty good and very filling. i had one at 10 am and didn't need to eat again until 4 in the afternoon.
8. that the girls in my class are not catty and that they're actually nice. which brings me to the next point...
9. i should really stop judging people. girls in particular. boys are not bad. i get along with them just fine. sometimes girls can be soooo............augh.
10. that having a crucifix in front of you really helps a lot when you need to get your work done.

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jools said...

oh mel.
i know what you mean about girls.
i think its just the defense. you never really know where to put yourself at first. but boys, they don' think much other than ur a girl. as oppose to as where we classify each other right away.