Sunday, November 29, 2009

cinnamon buns, cupcakes, vampires & a broken stop sign

hello friends.
*yesterday my mom and i went to pick out our christmas tree. in preparation for the trimming and christmas tree night, i decided to bake cinnamon buns and cupcakes today. our cupcake tins were with my good friend who lives a few minutes away by car and i insisted that i drove.
bad fricking idea. i have NEVER backed out of our drive away. and for some reason today, i forgot which was the brake pedal and which was the acceleration.
i backed up against the stop sign. but at that moment i thought i rammed into our neighbor's garage.
it was all going so fast: john talking so loudly and my little sister telling me to stop and me frantically trying press on the pedals, only to break the sign.
*i have finally given in to the whole twilight craze and decided to buy a previously viewed copy at blockbuster. i must have watched it 5 times this weekend. i love edward. i wish i had a vampire boyfriend (kidding, john). i was giggling throughout the movie and it felt like high school all over again: waiting to see your crush of all crushes, blushing when he notices you. harhar.
*i also watched brothers bloom. i highly recommend it (and rachel weisz's wardrobe). i have a new girly crush on adrien brody. and if you like him there, you should watch him in darjeeling limited.
*had lobster in its purest form today (meaning, not lobster bisque or lobster cakes. lobster straight out of its crustacean case). it's not as rubbery as i had expected it to be. i had it with vinegar, garlic powder and salt instead of butter.
* baking cinnamon buns reminded me of my high school job working at st. cinnamon. those were great times. besides learning how to bake buns i learned how to get a backbone. i got the recipe here. it was my first time working with yeast and seeing the dough rise twice its size was absolutely fascinating.
and that is all. i hope everyone had a good weekend with minimal damage. :)

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

fresh! trends event

crazy busy saturday: teaching grade 8s in the morning and a TRENDS makeup event in the afternoon. it was a lot of fun and was so happy to see all the girls, but then the headache came. a splitting headache after a trends event never fails, but one mcdonald's junior chicken sandwich solved it all.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

a parisienne inspired weekend

being inspired by joanna's awesome parisienne posts has led me to do something similar: take pictures and experience things that remind me of paris. however, going this year has proven fatal like eating a lay's chip:

betcha can't eat just one = betcha can't go just once.

but unlike a lay's chip, paris is actually very good for the senses and for your overall well-being. :)
so what better way to begin than in montreal, quebec right? you would think that these pictures were taken in paris!

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

a day at the farm

hello friends!
it was such a beautiful, warm weekend. the aunt and uncles are here, it's full house and i'm loving it.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

i did the unthinkable and cheap thing and used 12 milkettes to put into my oatmeal. i was just too tired and lazy to go downstairs to buy myself a carton of milk. it won't happen again, promise. tomorrow i'm having a muffin.

ikea... evil. their $1.00 breakfast is genius and evil. they lure you for cheap but yummy breakfast. because it's so cheap you decide to have two plates, and because you've had two you decide to take a walk around the store so that you can burn off 1/16 of the calories you consumed. and then you start wanting. and wanting turns into buying. so your $2.00 breakfast turns into a lacquer table. or a bunch of frames.

linden update:
yes, linden is back! we picked him up on saturday and meowed like crazy in his little cage when he saw me. he's back to his normal self: eating like crazy, rolling around on the carpet and welcoming us at the door. it took us a day to get him to take his antibiotics. no sweet talk or cajoling worked. and just when we thought the pill was down his throat, he managed to spit out the pill. he's one smart cat. but not smart enough. tuna+pill+hunger=perfect condition to take the pill.
i didn't know that petcare, at least for cats, could be so expensive...much more expensive than humancare (us humans have ohip). but having him back here outweighs it all.

hardeeharhar. my mom added me on facebook. hahahaha.
i won't be mean though. of course i'll accept her as a friend.

i saw the prettiest pair of boots today. it actually went past my knees. very chic, stylish. michael kors. i asked if they're okay for winter.
the woman just flatly said, "they're fashion boots". enough said.

filipino-ish dessert
check this out. tapioca and coconut and milk and sugar. yum-o. note: le post est en fran├žais!

everyone, have a good week :) enjoy the "extra" hour of sleep.

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