Friday, March 21, 2008

a true man romances the same girl for the rest of her life.

i am, always have been and will always be a romantic.
a movie didn't interest me unless it had some love story between a girl and a boy. my dad used to bring us home so many movies to watch. the following are videos of the most romantic scenes from movies i saw as a kid. do you remember any of them??? and come on, you've got to watch them :)

a dream worth keeping, from ferngully. my sister and i thought that this was pretty romantic too. but now that i look at it...jumping from puddle to puddle is quite cheesy. but it's still good :) and scandalous for little children to be watching...batting eyelashes...swimming in the a two piece. haha.

kiss the girl, from little mermaid. my MOST FAVORITE disney movie. the very first one i saw too. yes, call me lame, but i had a crush on prince eric. i blame this on my lack of exposure to guys, being in an all-girls school and all during my developmental years. ha. ariel, btw, is 16 years old while she was doing all this. she wanted legs, i wanted guys. muahaha. jk ;)

let me be your wings, thumbelina. i remember when my dad first took this home for us to was on beta. hehehe.

far longer than forever, from swan princess. :( sob. it's like my theme song. i saw the real ballet of it when i was young. i loved the part when odette transformed into her evil self. all they did was wrap her in this cloth and from a white tutu she emerged into a black one.

remember me this way, casper. the most romantic scene ever. except, the following doesn't really make any sense:

casper doesn't look anything like devon sawa. or sound like him either. and why did bill pullman look like bill pullman as a ghost? (i hated him for dying. if he didn't die, casper and christina ricci would have been together forever. (i had the hugest crush on him, btw. i loved him in little giants. i used to imagine that i was becky)


jools said...

oMG!!! i loved casper, and devon sawa. soo cute! hahaha.
i loved that part too.. i had tingles .. haha gayness. but i do, love that part when he turned into a boy. haha

Anonymous said...

for longer than forever.
i close my eyes and i am here with you.hahahaha
you are so cute melissa!

angela said...

pfft, this is the most romantic scene of the little mermaid.