Sunday, November 23, 2008

better day.

hello hello!
so i'm not fired. i still have my job.

all these really dark thoughts were swimming in my head last night as i watched heroes (yay, i'm on ep. 6!) and ate a bowl of ruffles and fritos. i thought i had lost my job for sure (i tend to magnify things like this). but i got an email from my boss saying that it happens and not to worry.

what happened? to make a long story short, 7 boxes of conference materials failed to make it in time for the conference in planet hollywood, las vegas (which was today). it was all because of purolator. never trust purolator with your international packages. i know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but i couldn't help it, seeing as i'm new to this job and all and am still trying to prove myself.

anyhoo, i had a much better day today. today was the holiday printing party at the workroom. i completely forgot that it was today and remembering that it was today was a pleasant surprise (similar to when you wake up at 4 in the morning and you realize that you have 2 more hours of sleep to go and you feel so happy that it's 2 hours rather than 10 minutes).

it was a lot of fun! when you're doing something that you really like, time flies by so quickly. my last class for the year is the sewn men's tie class! i can't wait to make john a few ties for christmas!

afterwards i decided to walk along queen street. i wanted to buy packaging tape for my backtack swap and for the packages that i send john. i didn't want to use normal, boring scotch tape this time, so i bought these:

aren't they adorable?
i was admiring karyn's shinzi katoh agenda when i went for the knock it off class the other night and upon closer inspection, i discovered that these are shinzi katoh as well. another pleasant surprise!

sigh. i looove all things japanese. japan is in my top three countries (france, japan, germany / and languages to learn: french, german, japanese) to visit (and this is why i love going here). i've finally bought zakka sewing and am waiting for it in the mail. for those who live in canada, it's free shipping for orders over $39 at chapters!
then i went home and it was nice to see my dad back from out of town and yummy dinner on the table.

anyway, back to work tomorrow. i have never been so thankful to have my job. harhar.
have a good week everybody! when you wake up tomorrow, tell yourself: i love my job.
even if you don't mean it, it helps.

ps: woohoo gossip girl tomorrow! pssst rebecca, are you loving it yet?
pps: i'm going to the corporate holiday party and can finally dress up!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

j'ai peur. lots of peur.

for the first time in many months i'm home on a saturday and i've been able to sleep in.
so far i've cleaned the kitchen with my mother and am now trying to tackle my bedroom, specifically the closet. and afterwards the bathroom. hmmm...maybe that's why i haven't been staying home on saturdays. hardeeharhar.
i've made a mistake at work and is now beyond repair. sigh. i know that one learns through his mistakes, but i wish that i've erred in something else other than this. i'm trying to get my mind off it by eating and cleaning, but it's not working. my nerves are shot. and i am soooo scared to go back on monday. argh.
as soon as i get all these saturday chores done i'm going to while away the hours crafting and eating.
i've also started watching heroes. i'm only on the second episode and have a loooong way to go, but i need someting to occupy me while i wait for gossip girl's next episode. it's a bit freaky and had a hard time falling asleep. and although it's the same length as gossip girl, i feel like i've been watching it for hours. hm.
i hope everyone's having a good saturday. we had our first snowfall here a few days ago and it's nice to see that the world is still white with snow. :)

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

it rained the whole day.
and OMG. there's frost on the ground.
that telltale bite in the air is definitely a sign of winter's close arrival.
so adieu, fall.

i had such a lovely day with la meilleure amie today:
- breakfast drivethru at mcdonald's
- humanae vitae at st. mike's (so empowering)
- yummy bento box at avocado for dinner (i want to buy a bento box to use for lunches, instead of tupperware. their gyoza was very tasty.)
- a nice, chilly walk in yorkville
- rigmarole on the train (check little women)
- singing disney songs at the top of our lungs (we grew up on disney). oh and fiddler on the roof.

i'm working on my backtack...oh, kirsty! i hope you like them...i've never made anything like this before but i am thoroughly enjoying myself! :)

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


friday+payday = a very good start to the weekend.

i'm planning to:
- have dinner with mitch tomorrow
- hang out with A on saturday at an all day workshop on humanae vitae and go to the AGO (art gallery of ontario) afterwards. it's free admission for the entire weekend because they've just reopened, after, i believe, 2 years of renovation. so excited! so for those who live in toronto, come on down!
- craft all sunday. i need to. the last time i used my sewing machine was the night before halloween. that's way too long of a separation.
- sleeeeeeeeeeeeep in

everything's fine and dandy at work.
i just need to do my work really slowly because by 3:00 i have nothing else to do anymore.
where i used to work i'd just watch gossip girl. or read blogs.

speaking of gossip girl. i am finally caught up again and i am loving chuck more and more and more and more...sigh.

i also bought burlap. i don't know why. it was 99 cents a meter so i went ahead and bought it.
i'm thinking it might be good to wrap presents with rather than paper.

have a gooooood weekend everyone! :)

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i am alive.

:D oui, oui, rebecca, i am, and to those who have been wondering about my lack of posts.
i've just been so tired from the new job that the last thing i want to do is type when i get home. i am also still recovering from a cold and cough.

but anyway, i thought i'd talk about the pros & cons of my new job.

let's start with the cons, shall we?

- i've been feeling lonesome, only because i've been missing the people that i have been working with for the past four-five years.
- i have no one to eat lunch with yet. but that's my own fault. i go for solitary walks (to burn at least 1/8 of the massive lunches i've been bringing to work)
- the office building, although very close to harbourfront/the lovely lake, is in the middle of nowhere. it's far away from the hubub of yonge street. it's a long walk to eaton's. and it does not have a concourse level.
- because it is in the middle of nowhere, i must take the streetcar after i take the train. it's not a long ride, but it can be a pretty long wait.
- i have a bigger and better workspace, but i no longer have a cubicle (which is good in a way because it forces me to be more productive). but sucks when i want to do private things like put on my makeup.
- no casual fridays/dress down days for me (this weekend i felt so happy to be wearing jeans!)
- i now have to think about what to wear the night before.
- no more blog reading. or blog updating, as i have mentioned. i wish i could though when there is nothing to do. i have to tell you how much i miss reading all your lovely blogs and it's going to take me a while to get updated!

- the kitchen has a bodecker coffee machine! i love that they have different flavors of coffee - irish, vanilla, hazelnut, breakfast, etc, and my current favorite, caramel. it even has hot chocolate and chicken broth (gross) pods. i am now saving so much money on coffee (and lunch. i've been packing my lunch every night and getting everything ready before i go to bed, this includes switching my bags, pressing my's getting to be a habit, which is also good)
- the kitchen has drawers of forks, knives and spoons. i no longer have to *ahemstealahem* them from wendy's or richtree (richtree was easy access though, hardeeharhar).
- my boss is very generous with the office supplies and tells me that she hopes that they are enough (more than enough! they can last me half a year!).
- i have teal folders. i always thought that folders only came in your typical blue, pink, yellow and natural. today i found out that they also come in gray and black. so classy, i must say.
- my boss ordered me a set of notecards, business cards and notepads with my name. hardeeharhar.
- i am learning to walk fast and run in heels again.
- i now have a toll free and fax number.
- the receptionist always has a bowl of goodies on her desk. this week it's jelly beans. the one with the weird flavors. i love the popcorn jelly.
- i joined the united way group at work. it's going to be fun. one of the things that we are planning to do to raise money is hold a wii tournament.
- i'm learning a lot. i'm planning luncheons, sending out invitations, calling hotels to book conference rooms, ordering lunches, searching for unique places to have a christmas dinner, being in contact with special events and catering coordinators. it's a fun job. a lot of talking. a lot of typing. a lot of googling.

andthatisallisallisall. i miss your blogs, everyone! once i adjust to all this, i'm sure i won't be so tired anymore and will get to read more. :)

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i started a new job.

which means:
no more updating my blog during the day
or uploading photos
or being up to date with my daily blog reads
for a while.


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Saturday, November 1, 2008

c'etait l'halloween!

yesterday was an awesome halloween!
after several difficulties with the fit of the hood, i finally finished it at midnight.
thank you so much for your encouraging words :)
i did as you said, took a bit of a break, and finished it off.

today i woke up at noon for the first time since christmas 5 years ago.
i have a splitting headache.
but yesterday was good and so much fun.

it was my last day at work yesterday.
(i'll save my last day at work for another post. )
and halloween+last day = no work done at all.

i went as little red. i wore my sleeveless old navy ruffled blouse, the black skirt that i made, and heeled peep toed patent mary janes. instead of carrying a picnic basket, i borrowed my sister's woven baskety looking bag (i don't know what else to call it). i wanted to put some fake blood around my neck, to show that i was eaten by the wolf, but opted against it.
so without further ado, here are the pictures!

doesn't brandon look great? i made his superman logo out of felt and sewed it onto his shirt. and to give him the "windswept" look, i stitched his tie onto his shirt in different places. his glasses used to be shades from the dollar store and he taped a piece of white paper to make it look nerdier.

robbie is a scaryass clown. he used face paint to get the bloody look on his chin. and his shoes were so clunky that you could hear him coming from a mile away. the flower squirts out water too (not shown)!
julie is a "medicine chest". hardeehar. it was a last minute brilliant idea!

after work, i met up with les amis at the grocery store to buy food. we were going to have a soup party but nixed the idea because i had no time to cook. so we bought chicken and wedges and pizzas. yuuuum. and leslie bought bubbly apple cider (to celebrate my new job. harhar. no alcohol.) and an ice cream cake from dq. we were going to watch a scary movie but we ended up talking our heads off until 1 in the morning (some of the topics included canadian and american politics, religion, astrology and horoscopes, dream interpretations, the canadian educational system and gossip girl. hardeeharhar).

i must go as i'm taking my little sister to see high school musical. teehee.
have a great saturday everyone! it's so nice and sunny out!

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