Sunday, September 20, 2009

be the best version of yourself.

* attempted to watch time traveller's wife but got EXTREMELY bored (the trailer was very misleading). and when this happens i would watch how john's watching the movie, get amused and turn back to the movie. but this time i had to get out. so we snuck into 500 days of summer and we were so glad we did!
* one click on itunes and the 500 days of summer soundtrack is now mine.
* the best combo is maltesers in my popcorn. i always get large so i can get a refill. i'm crazy for popcorn.
* i met up with a lady today who i absolutely loved. for some reason, i really like being in the company of 50+ year old women.
* today i learned:
  • to always ask yourself, "am i being the best version of myself?" doing so would help you treat yourself and others better.
  • confidence is knowing who you are
  • financial success doesn't always lead to happiness. but success by being of service to others does.
it's just a struggle to remember.
fall, fall is here. and everyone just looks so great.
have a good weekend everyone!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

refresh for less

i found out about this through coco & lowe - a blog that you should definitely visit because coco & lowe write about everything: life, love, fashion, etc.

john and i will be there! we're not sure yet if we want to have our own table, but you should check this out!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

last minute "summery" things to do

hello friends!
when the days get shorter and the nights are cooler you know that fall is if you're looking for last minute summery things to do, check out the following:

dream in high park - pack a picnic and watch a rendition of the tempest outdoors. doors open at 6:00 pm and the play starts at 8:00 pm. this ends today!

the ex - last day is tomorrow and to me it is the quintessential thing to do as a canadian. harhar. but that's just me.

summer concerts in main street unionville - nothing better than having a latte at starbucks and ending the night with a little dance under the stars. :)

harbourfront centre - international iron chef, world cafe, the red hot marketplace, and all just sounds really yummy.

toronto music garden - garden+music+lake+sun = lovely afternoon

i'm sure there is more going on, but get out there and soak up the sun :) don't you just love toronto?

have a great long weekend friends!

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