Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it's official: philippines!

we finally bought our tickets! it took us two months to decide on the dates and i am relieved that it is all finalized. we are doing a two-night stopover in hong kong and then manila. i haven't been back since we flew to LA for christmas in 1996 and then moved to canada in 1997.

that's 13 years!

i am so excited. i have cousins that i've only heard of and met through facebook.
so yeah, being the dork that i am, i've put up a countdown on the sidebar of this blog. it eases the pain of not being able to take any vacation days right now.

have a great day everyone!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

cherry blossoms

it's 11:10 PM and the wind is howling like crazy. is it the same for you or is it just in markham?
a week from now and john will be on his way to new york. it will be sad, but he needs to do what he needs and wants to do. i just need to be patient and to keep trusting that everything will fall into place. i must admit that i am excited for him. it's the type of thing that you watch in movies. :)
but ah, enough emo-ness. we finally got to experience the much talked about (and photographed!) cherry blossoms. we started the day at ikea teehee and watched chloe.
BLARGH. we didn't know that it was going to be THAT bad, but knowing that it was an atom egoyan film should have given it away. never again.
to remedy the failed motion picture experience, we walked to petite thuet and bought macarons. their macarons are so much better than the ones i got from la bamboche. they were perfect: a nice little outer crust and chewy inside. my favorite is rosewater. the girl at the cafe even tied a little ribbon around the box ("purple or blue?" could i have pink please? ha.) we took the train to high park and followed the crowds.
if you haven't gone, you should. it is so beautiful. it looked like...pink snow. light pink snow. and everyone there just looked so happy.

have a great week everyone.

a canopy of pink loveliness.

i will miss this old man.

rosewater, hazelnut and salted caramel.
sigh. i can eat them all day.

macaron-shaped heart.

macaron toast. we toast to everything. even chopsticks.

john's very first macaron experience.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

more pictures from victoria

victoria is one of the prettiest and cleanest cities i've been to. i walked for three hours just taking pictures, but it would have been nice to have shared it with someone too!
highlights from the victoria trip:
- scariest room ever: i stayed at the fairmont empress, which is apparently haunted. i swear, i was woken up in the middle of the night by something or someone, tugging at my comforter (something a cat would do when they're trying to wake you up).
- chinatown - i loved, loved their chinatown
- discovering the venus sophia tearoom
- japanese takeout on my bed, with food network in the background
(scroll below for more picsies)

have a great friday everyone!
tomorrow john and i will make the trek to high park to see the sakura trees and i'm hoping that we'll have time to watch the backup plan. harhar, yeaaaaahhh, it's j. lo and the idea's been done, but i also enjoyed the wedding planner and maid in manhattan. harhar.
enjoy the sunshiney day.

more here.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

i love you, room.

in the past 6 days i have gone on 5 flights, slept in four hotels, been to 4 different cities, and rode in one tacky white stretch limo (to saskatoon, can you imagine) and have indulged in abundant conference food and client dinners. i had a lot of fun and learned a lot and feel so blessed and thankful to have been given this awesome opportunity, but i am so glad to be home. to be with family.

i came home yesterday and wanted to get down on my knees and kiss the carpet of my room. i know that sounds a little dramatic, but sleeping in a different hotel room every night is not as romantic as it seems. it is lonely and in some ways, a little freaky.

today, i have never felt so happy to wake up in my own bed and to spend the day just la-dee-da-ing around. in joy i have eaten 3 bananas with nutella and made a nice salisbury steak and mashed potatoes dinner for me and my sister and john, watched three movies (out of 9 movies i've checked out from the library) and reruns of the delicious miss dahl.

i hope your saturday was as good as mine.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


hello all.
i am in edmonton now (after the most horrible flight with westjet) but just wanted to share a few iphone picsies from victoria. these pictures of course don't do victoria justice. i took more pictures with the dslr but will have to wait this weekend to upload them.
anyhoo, victoria is GORGEOUS. fresh air, beautiful mountains and surrounded by water. very jealous. i flew earlier than the rest of the company (we are doing client roadshows for work in different cities) and spent three hours walking around. i've always wanted to do solo escapades but i realized yesterday that it's not a lot of fun to be completely alone. it's nice to share the experience with someone. we stayed at the fairmont empress and hated it. i hated my room. it looked freaky. but i did like the fact that i can borrow gym clothes.

(teehee it came with socks! i thought i would have to wear my BLACK trouser socks! hardeehar)

i am wide awake for some reason, considering that it is 2:40 am in toronto. hm. i am liking our current hotel much better. cannot wait to wake up for breakfast as i am h-u-n-g-r-y!

must count sheep.

good night all. all this traveling sorta reminds me of up in the air.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

photo shoot

john asked me to be his assistant for his photoshoot/creative for his fashion project in school. it was a fun experience and after going through monocle and several clippings of GQ, (yes on good friday, tsk tsk) we had to do an emergency trip to downtown to buy clothes as eaton centre was the only one open for the holiday. man, i could get used to being driven to downtown. shopping for this shoot was tiring and a little stressful, so much so that i succumbed to half a filet-o-fish meal from mcdonald's. when we got home we had to do different looks, photograph each of them and plan out the shot list.
today i was john's little assistant and had to help with dressing the model, fold the clothes, prepare for the next look, take pictures of the shoot and just basically be at john's beck and call. everyone was just so amazing. randell and damon had awesome chemistry and michelle was just a kickass makeup artist. this is something i can also get used to.

some lessons learned:
* have a heavy lunch before something huge like this.
* it's always a few degrees cooler and windier in downtown. dress warmly.
* be specific with parking directions, to make it easier for everyone.
* bring folding chairs.
* unbutton dress shirts while waiting for next look.
* dress warmly.
* and dress warmly.

ps: man, damon could be the chuck bass's younger (and taller) brother.
( see below for more photos!)
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stylist: john medalla
photographer: randell rowe
makeup artist: michelle reis
model: damon from elmer olsen model management
clothes & shoes: h+m, zara, urban outfitters
accessories: stylist's own, fossil, green shag, filson
location: harbourfront

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