Thursday, March 6, 2008

it was really good.

because of picture day i was able to get half the day off.
i was and still am so happy about that. there's this lightness of feeling that i haven't had in a long time. it's hard to be at work when there's this tinge of negative energy. my mom says it's not negative energy, but lack of sleep. i think it's both.
but anyway, it was such an awesome day. pourquoi? les raisons:
* i got off work early. enough said. hehe.
* because i decided to get a neck trim instead of a haircut, fiorio pushed my appointment to 1:15 instead of 12:30. so i had time to kill. rather than spending it at work, i walked to urban outfitters and did a bit of shopping. the only thing that sucked was they no longer had yellow pointy flats in size 7. AUGH. AUGH. AUGH. i'm buying the yellow ones online. they'll be 7.5, but who cares. audrey hepburn always said that it's better to have bigger shoes.
but i was able to buy two $9.99 necklaces, a $4.99 canvas bag (for school books and stuff. or lunch. i don't really like it when people carry their lunches around in dominion plastic bags. but that's just me), a $9.99 shirt, and a pair of shoes. the shoes weren't on sale, but they're not bad either. $32 for a pair is quite reasonable.
* megan, my favorite hairdresser at fiorio, gave me a complimentary hair trim. i didn't know until the very end when the receptionist said it was complimentary. durs.
* i got my makeup done too for the grad photo just because i have no makeup, i don't know how to put it on and i owe it to myself to get it done. and i have to say that i looooove the feeling of makeup brushes against my face. it also felt like a what not to wear or ten years younger moment - you know how the person never knows what she/he looks like till the very end? i'd get annoyed when they say things like i'm nervous blahblahblah. but i know what they mean now. it's that feeling that you get just before they hand you the mirror. but it turned out awesome! and it didn't feel heavy at all.
* i spoke to my professor regarding my paper and ohgolly how i love you berube! he helped me out and was extremely patient with my french. hehe.
* it was nice being at glendon in the afternoon. much livelier! and i bumped into my friend fiona and had a little girly chat...i miss those days when your friends are all around you and you sit in the caf and just giggle or complain about assignments and make codewords for guys. hehehe.
* got the last of the library books i need.

what is this, you wonder? it's not crap, although it looks like it.

it's my nutella. i ate it with my pandesal in the caf. one thing i learned is never to put nutella in a baggie and never to eat it beside someone who has never heard of nutella.

so my brother says that my room looks like a library. and so it does:

and that is all for now. i still want those yellow shoes. sigh.

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