Saturday, March 8, 2008

another snow day

*i just shoveled snow.
i love shoveling's a good workout.
too bad they don't have snow days for work. i'm just hoping that there's still a lot of snow on monday for them to let us out early.
the snow from my window. look at the pile up.

c'est winterland outside.

nope, it's not mount everest. hehe. it's our front yard. all this accumulation was from yesterday night. crazy, isn't it?

*i wish i could write something profound, but i can't. my profundity is lost forever. muahaha.

*lindsay, is that you?
we tried our rogers on demand for the first time...and we decided to watch parent trap. sigh, lindsay lohan. :( she was so cute and fresh in this movie.
*the whole family's downstairs watching evan almighty. and i'm up here. toiling away. haha. or more like blogging.

*looking for a new mascara??? i just bought one from clinique, called lash power mascara. it's awesome. it's resistant to sweat, humidity and tears (now you won't have to worry about crying during a movie). it lasts for 12 hours and does not smudge nor flake. and it's not one of those hard-to-wash-off remover can't take it off, but bath water can...just rub the eyes gently while taking a shower and it'll come off right away. no more raccoon eyes! no, clinique's not paying me to do this. i just thought i'd share. hehe.

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