Sunday, March 9, 2008

oh brother (s). and sisters.

they drive me crazy. like when javi's playing his bass or listening to his weird screamo music (their room's next to mine) and i'm trying to study. or when gilly doesn't pick up after herself (she's really picking up my bad habits). or when angela wants to borrow something i've never worn before but you can't say no (or when she just takes things in general with the tag still on). well al-jo doesn't really annoy me. but anyway, i love love love them.
sometimes it's nice when it's just us at home, especially on a friday night. we'd borrow a movie and pig out on junk. when we hang out it's like hanging out with friends.
can't wait for the cali trip.
this was in quebec. when i still had long hair. but it's okay, i'm learning to love the shortness of my cut. it's a love-hate relationship, really. just like with everything AND everyone else (sauf john of course). which sucks. it just shows how inconsistent i am. but one thing i'm really consistent in is procrastination. i' m still working on it.

it's an al-jo sandwich!

okay, back to work.
6 more annotations to go!!!
5 more annotations to go!

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sooooo cute!!