Thursday, March 13, 2008

we all heal at the broken places.

i must say that my journals or my diaries have played a vital role in the healing process of every hurt, tiny or big heart aches i had. my very first journal was from my godmother for my birthday. i was in grade 2 then.
i used to write religiously and it's nice to read them once in a while. my first journal was a journal of insults, intrigues, far-fetched dreams, sticker books, and boys. oh yes, boys. my preoccupation with them is still very much evidential in my next three journals. it started out with jonathan taylor thomas, and then boys in my elementary class, and then one boy here, one boy there in high school. my journals in my university years are a melange of notes from circles, observations on the train or entries written in a cafe or mcdonald's (yikes). very extreme too. either i am blah or very much enraged or passionate or in love or in dislike. i still write, but not as often as before. i find it harder to write now. and plus i'm really hating my handwriting. and when i'm hating it, i can't write.

my first diary. yes, my entries began with your standard "dear diary".

the latest one. 30% off at uo. hehe.

a manifestation of jonathan taylor thomas love, among others/my ugly caricatures of my classmates/a secret code i had with my friends. i still know most of the alphabet!

unfortunately diary therapy now needs to be supplemented with some retail therapy. however, instead of spending on my wardrobe, i've decided to purchase things that i need for my face. for the longest time i've been using la neige (similar to shiseido - which i also used but totally sucked because it was too dry on my skin). but decided to stop because: 1) the store i buy it from amore, is in korea town, which is by christie station. i hate having to go there. 2) it's not really doing anything for my face. i still have the zits from summer. argh. 3) it's quite expensive. so i switched to clinique. it's awesome actually. i've only been using it for a few days and i feel a mighty difference already. my face is more matte and it's smoother. one thing i recommend is their renewal concentrate serum. it makes the face look better after a night of no sleep. haha. if i want to look good when i'm older, i must start now. :D

they look like a family!

sigh. in loving memory of arthur, my polaroid.


jools said...

aww.. thats a cute idea mel, the polariods in the jars! you know i haven't felt so creative for so long. ive been so dull. glad to see you're still being so creative. what happened to arthur? did you not go on a shopping spree with polaroid films?

smelly melly said...

he died in rome. :(
i need to find a new one. let's peruse the shops on queen street. augh we really must go out jewlz! just let me finish this one lap of school.
and yes! i still have a box of polaroid film waiting to be used.