Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter!

ohmy. i literally spent 4 hours in the kitchen, preparing for easter dinner. i got nothing done, schoolwise, anyway. but now i know more things to make for next time.

scalloped potato gratin. this was a tyler florence original but i decided to add bechamel sauce.

herbed parmesan yorkshire popovers - a mini flavorful version of yorkshire pudding

mississippi mud cake. a paula deen original, except i didn't add nuts and didn't flood it with chocolate icing, and i stuck it in the warm oven for a few minutes so that the marshmallows get all crispy-ish on the top and gooey in the inside. the first pic is before it went into the oven the second time.
main course was horseradish-crusted prime rib with homemade gravy. that was from tyler florence too. hehe.

and that is all. i hope everyone had a beautiful easter. :)


Anonymous said...

i want some!!!! just looking at it makes me hungry!

jools said...

oh yummy mel.
and i love your room. soo white. hhihi :p
are you not sharing with gilly anymore?
and you look so cute in ur grad pic!
smiling does make a difference i tell ya, even when we feel stupid with the poses, its usually the ones that work.
trust the photographer! hahaha