Saturday, March 15, 2008

my favorite movies.

amelie/jules & jim/gosford park
breakfast at tiffany's/sabrina/pride & prejudice
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind/pride & prejudice
wicker park/before sunrise/mirror has two faces/garden state
devil wears prada/lost in translation/before sunset
paris, je t'aime/when harry met sally
the holiday/shopgirl/love story


Anonymous said...

i love all those movies and i've seen
most of them. love the pictures too.
you should do another collage with your favorite things.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little taken-aback by the fact that there isn't a picture of Optimus Prime in your collage. Just kidding.


smelly melly said...

a collage of my favorite things will be coming up soon :)

jason, that will definitely be for another movie collage! which will include home alone and the bourne trilogy ;)

Anonymous said...

Great taste in movies! These are some of my favorites too :)