Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a quarter of a century old

i turned 25 yesterday. funny, looking back at a post from last year, my birthday again, was full of flowers, yummy cakes, italian food, hugs & kisses AND harry potter. this time it's a little different. i actually got over my fear of organizing something for myself and did a movies under the stars with my closest friends.
there is nothing better than eating sandwiches with the sun setting behind you and watching where the wild things are outdoors, listening to your best friend talking about her wedding plans (i love you, A), sitting on blankets and running across a field to the parking lot, hand in hand with the sweetest girls.

i've promised myself that before turning 26 that i would
- run a 5k
- learn taekwondo
- get my license (g1. yes...i failed my g2. twice. blargh)
- learn spanish
- learn to use illustrator

and again, because i like making lists, here is a list of things i've learned and am still learning in my 25 years here on earth.
- treat others not because you want to be treated that way. but because they are people.
- fake it till you make it. that includes confidence.
- do not expect too much from others. be understanding. make excuses for people, but never for yourself.
- always be on time for others
- keep your promises or think before you say yes
- delegate
- think before you speak, email or text.
- ask for forgiveness right away, even when it hurts.
- love not as much as you can, but as much as the person needs to be loved
- only you can change your course. so take charge.
- quality, not quantity, in clothes and in friendships

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