Monday, March 17, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things

i came home and this is what greeted me:

john's package finally arrived. the presents are lovely, my love. :) je t'aime :x

cute bowl

card holder

pretty necklace

les chaussures

a box of playing cards from tiffany's!!!i actually just wanted the box (yes, the jewelry is not necessary). they're so beeyootiful!

more favorite things:

this is my mom's, but i've claimed it. it keeps me warm. it's kinda like a grownup blankie.hehe

this is from a shabby chic store in downtown. i couldn't resist...i had to take it home!

a pencil that i had since high school! this was A's first, then leslie took it and then i "borrowed" it from him. can't do my work without it.

i also fixed up my room a bit. my dad finally put up my audrey frames...i was worried that it would look like a shrine, but they're not bad at all.

and c'est tout. i should really do work now. argh.


jools said...

oh wow mel.
he bought you all those things?
i love the shoes, and the necklace so pretty. and that necklace holder.. whered u get that? aww.. i want to see your room. its feels so pretty from the pictures! hihi :)

smelly melly said...

teehee thanks jewlz! i'm trying to fix it had no personality in the beginning. i'm really trying to make it french country/shabby chic.
the necklace holder is from heavenly daze. it's at commerce court near work.
i actually forgot to post up the tiffany playing cards he got for me! :) they're up now.