Tuesday, May 27, 2008

sew awesome.

so today i finally unraveled the mystery of the sewing machine. i tinkered with the old singer one i found in the basement, but all i did was damage.
the class was at the workroom, taught by karyn, who was really patient! the workroom is toronto's first sewing space by the hour. it's kinda like an internet cafe except with sewing machines.
the class i took today was the sewing essential course. we basically learned the parts of the machine, how to thread it, how to thread the bobbin, and of course how to work it. today's project was a throw pillow...and i am so proud of mine:
i signed up for another session on sunday, on how to make a simple doll, something that i could do as a christmas present. another one i'll be taking is easy alterations. i can't wait...i don't have to spend so much money on getting my pants hemmed!

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more cards.

my sister fears that i might turn into one of those cat ladies who stay at home and knit and make hundreds of pillows of the same type (think of drew barrymore, never been kissed before her transformation). it's not really like that though. my new hobby keeps me busy. hehe.
i've made two so far. one's for johnny and the other one is for my very good friend who's in quebec right now.

i'm dying to get the embellishment centre from making memories:

it's still being ordered though and it'll probably take a month before i can finally have it. i've been trying to be organized, but the tiny workspace i have keeps me from being so. but anyway, i've always wanted one,

my buttons & brads. i just bought more from two peas in a bucket today, an awesome scrapbooking website.
scissors and ribbons and cardstock.

in other news, the TRENDS event was awesome! i broke the spending record and spent $52 on appetizers for 30+ people. how did i do that? simple: food basics. hahaha. food basics keeps prices really low. i changed the menu the very morning of the event and we served: mushrooms en croute, quiche with caramelized onion and bacon, pepper rolls, and openfaced prosciutto, roasted red bell pepper and pesto and mozarella sandwiches. yum-o.
tomorrow is my first sewing class. i cannot wait! we'll be sewing up throw pillow cases!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

a new hobby.

so i spent $200+ at this store in glendale called paper rabbit. i felt guilty only for a millisecond. i was inspired by my aunt's office which was scrapbook heaven. she had a collection of papers, stamps, stamp pads, tools, etc.
so here is my second project. my first one is a very crappy one that i won't even post. this one is for mal, who has a baby shower to go to this weekend. i'm so stupid though because i smudged it.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

hola from cali!

hello hello from cali!
this'll be a quickie but goodness i am loving every minute of my cali stay. i'm in l.a. now hanging out at a cousin's house that i never knew i had and we're now all instantly friends.
i will be back with photos :) today we went to universal studios. tomorrow, santa monica, newport & laguna beach and saturday disneyland!
i'm eating loads of filipino food. good for the tastebuds but not for the tummy. i feel like i'm gaining so much weight. womp womp, as my sister says.
i'll stop now and get back to much needed family bonding.

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