Monday, March 24, 2008

adieu adieu, pour le moment.

i am going to try to go on a brief hiatus...just till next week. i am freaking out so much right now and every stupid little thing is setting me off. it's really nice how march rush (yes, reminiscent of the june rush for those who know) has coincided with my pms. augh. schoolwork in a small amount of time+pms=zits, sobbing spells and angry siblings (and bloated arms, stomach, legs. AUGH)
i feel like i've been doing work non-stop. i want out. now.

ha. and to dangle the bait even further...look what i got in the mail:
plus 7 more others.
you can't believe how stupid and idiotic i felt for every pose i made. but it doesn't look bad at all! the cheapest package is like $160.95. i don't want the really big ones...they're too tacky. but that's just me.
so i will try to not blog for a while (and stalk other people's blogs, for that matter). but if i come crawling back it's because i just can't take the stress anymore and need some comforting.

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