Saturday, March 1, 2008


augh. angela's not home. no one to bug and i'm bored.
today was a productive day. i caught the 8:40 GO bus and found myself in downtown again. with me were two oversized eco-friendly ikea bags with snacks for the TRENDS event. so i was lugging it around and had to go to dominion to replace the chips that accidentally got eaten. afterwards i lugged them all the way back to brookfield (formerly bce place) and had ohsobeeyootiful mcdonald's. and i didn't realize that the breakfast wrap contained MEAT. darnit. oh well. i was able to read three acts of moliere's tartuffe. ever since carolina's workshop on study and time management, i have been managing my time much better than before. i took the train to h&m to meet up with the other girlies and fortunately didn't have enough time to look around. the event was at ryerson and today's talk was given by henna singh of everything you need to know about makeup but were afraid to ask. cbc was there and it was my first interview ever and felt like a total dork with all my um's and like's (the like's i have angela to thank for). luckily my friend got interviewed too and was much more articulate and eloquent than i am. and then i babysat at night. it was awesome because the baby finally warmed up to me and he's the cutest thing.
my body is tired but i am sooooo wired. prior to babysitting i had a large pop and coffee. i should really stop doing that. tomorrow is awesome because i will be home the whole day, free to do homework. muahaha. ohmyimsuchanerd. but i must be if i want to do well in this boringasheck french course.
and's MARCH already?!?!?
muahahaha...countdown to end of the schoolyear must begin! as of now, 12:12 am...there are 30 days till my very very very last university dissertation and examen ever. OHMYFRICKINGGOSH.
but i shouldn't celebrate just yet. just a tiny bit. :)

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