Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i want...

- pink polkadotted luggage
- to curl up in my bed and sleep
- to eat fries and chinese food without feeling sick
- to make up and make out
- a new polaroid camera
-to paint my nails purple and get waxed
- a panini sandwich
- to get rid of that crease in my forehead
- to go to the bathroom
- to eat ice cream out of a box
- a nice ball of yarn
- a thick warm wool scarf
- dinner out with a close friend
- stars across the sky
- a sunny day.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

when feeling like crap...

- take a tablespoon of nutella and a chunk of bread and eat
- retail therapy, but only things on sale. or you'll feel worse afterwards
- drink a nice tall glass of icy diet coke
- watch food network. the perfect combo would be barefoot contessa, nigella, everday italian and jaime at home
- take a nap for hours and wake up at night only to take a shower and brush your teeth then go back to bed
- watch the beginning and end of breakfast at tiffany's

my brain according to brain age is 63 years old. no wonder my brain doesn't function at school anymore. they say that's what happens when we do something over and over again. sounds like my monotonous job.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

cannot wait till...

* spice concert. teehee.
* anti-val celebration with les filles
reading week...i'll be thankful for one night without classic dramaturgie from the 17th century. even though i love berube. the course is still a pain in the bum. and the eyes.
* the annual pancake breakfast
* the grand cali adventure avec la famille!
* stratford weekend with A
* CONVOCATION. and being gone from glendon forever. foreverevereverevereverevereverever.
* culinary courses, finally!
* the morning when being done university forever hits me
* you. yes you.
* extra vacation days that i can do whatever i want with

i want filipino food. i am sooooo craving it right now. i want rice that's not too wet and moist. i like it dry. and then put some sauce/soup over it and eat it with something fried and unhealthy. and wash it down with a glass of cold diet coke. augh. i'm so hungry.
did winterlicious for the first time at alize's today. it was a long freezing wait outside. the food was okay. i wish i had gone somewhere else. the meal itself was $15: white bean soup with pancetta, angus steak with frites (fancy schmancy way of saying fries...i swear if i'm going to makes frites, i will at least make it look fancy. they looked like your normal mccain fries) and peach melba with ice cream (which was just two slices of peaches and ice cream. argh. i should have gone for the tiramisu instead). BUT. the pop was 2.95. their coffee was a whopping 2.95 as well. frick. i could have gotten a latte from starbucks with that. or a cookie. yum. lesson learned? never do winterlicious unless it's a bonacini restaurant or really, really, really expensive restaurant that you wouldn't even dream of trying. and have my coffee elsewhere.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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Monday, January 14, 2008

the next side is just too far.

This is a great poem.
How I suffer!
How I suffer!
How I suffer!
This is a great poem
Full of true emotion.
-- Gavin Ewart

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Sunday, January 13, 2008


the fat lady still needs to sing.
but fiona apple isn't.
therefore it isn't.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

do you remember? yes, yes you do.

-"Thomas, listen!"

Parfois, la vie exige un changement. une transition. comme les saisons. On a eu un printemps merveileux, mais l'été est fini et nous avons manqué l'automne. Tout d'un coup, il fait froid, si froid que tout se met à geler. Notre amour s'est endormi et la neige l'a pris par surprise. Et si tu t'endors dans le neige, tu ne sent pas la mort venir.Prends soin de toi' "

" Francine.Je m'en souviens exactement. c'était le 15 mai . Le printemps tardait, la pluie menacait, et tu criais. (..) Tu as quitté boston emménager à Paris, un petit appartement dans la rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, je t'ai montré notre quartier, mes bars, mon école, je t'ai présenté à mes amis, mes parents. J'ai écouté les textes que tu répétais, tes chants, tes espoirs, tes désirs, ta musique. Tu écoutais la mienne, mon italien, mon allemand, mes bribes de russe. Je t'ai donné un walkman, tu m'as offert un oreiller et, un jour, tu m'as embrassé. Le temps passait, le temps fillait et tout paraissait si facile, libre, si simple si nouveau et si unique. On allait au cinéma, on allait danser, faire des courses, on riait, tu pleurais, on nageait, on fumait, on se rasait. De temps à autre tu criais, sans aucune raison, ou avec raison parfois, oui avec raison parfois. Je t'accompagnais au conservatoire je revisais mes examens, j'écoutais tes exercices de chant, tes espoirs, tes désirs, ta musique, tu écoutais la mienne. Nous étions proches, si proches, toujours plus proches. Nous allions au cinéma, nous allions nager, rions ensembles, tu criais, avec une raison parfois et parfois sans. Le temps passait, le temps fillait. Je t'accompagnais au conservatoire, je revisais mes examens, tu m'écoutais parler italien, allemand, russe, francais, je révisais mes examens, tu criais, parfois avec raison, le temps passait, le temps fillait, sans raison.. Tu criais, sans raison.. Je révisais mes examens, mes examens, mes examens, mes examens, le temps passait, tu criais, tu criais, tu criais.. J'allais au cinéma.

Pardonne moi Francine."

mais crie avec raison. tu me manques.
ceci est une transition douloureuse.
le coeur est brisé.
je peux écrire la poésie encore.

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