Wednesday, December 17, 2008

yikes & backtack 4.

i am so not prepared for christmas.
this is what i have bought for handmade gifts so far:
- fabric
- purse frames
- fabric
- tags
- ink pads
- more fabric
- business cards from etsy for my mom

and for the non-handmade things
- a wii system for my brothers
- a bose ipod dock for my dad
- an ikea stool for my mom
- and a little something for A that i know she'll love
- cute ceramic mugs with a ceramic spoon, and the handle is the spoon holder
- teas and hot chocolate sachets for the mugs

so many uncompleted projects. blargh. i will be home tomorrow so hopefully i will get something done instead of just idling in bed and watching heroes.
oohhh heroes.

so kirsty has finally received her backtack package! some of the things that i made:

christmas ornaments. had to redraw the bird pattern so many times until i finally got the tail right. in the back it says "peace", "christmas", "joy" in french.

fabric covered pushpins. the tin i bought from etsy (i bought 10 of them. so cute!).
and i used an invoice as a label.

a set of laser cut cards with the envelopes and circular kraft paper stickers. i just had to use a mini clothespin. this is from etsy too.

i also included a fabric envelope for lists and receipts (because kirsty likes making lists!) and two bottles of room sprays.

other things:
- john is finally updating his blog again. woohoo!
- i won my first prize in the blog world. thanks melissa!
- i love this lovely site. via joanna

i cannot wait for christmas! this year it's going to be different. :)
i hope everyone is having a good week so far, with lots of crafting and handmade things!

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Monday, December 8, 2008

snap coin purse and other things

hello hello and happy december everyone!
the world is white with snow. so lovely.

it's been quite a busy week at work.
the analyst luncheon that i've been planning for a month has finally come to fruition. it was held at canoe, this restaurant that i've always wanted to go to ever since i saw a chef at large episode on it. i never thought i'd be able to go (because it is so pricey!), but the boss asked me to come. i wanted to jump for joy! harhar. friday night was the corporate christmas party. i gave the hairdresser a bit of a hard time (i was a bit demanding, and well my hair is too short to put up, but she managed to do it!) and got my makeup done (for free!!!) at the dior table at the bay.

anyhoo, i finally got to making my first snap coin purse at home.
note to self: follow instructions, especially when it says to apply glue in a well-ventilated area.
i am so dizzy from the smell right now.
i have the window secretly open...if les parents find out, they'll have a little fit.

it was easier to make this time, and it took me perhaps 45 minutes to do (as opposed to the 2 1/1 hours from before!) and no seam ripping at all! :) harhar.
i used the same fabric as karyn's coin purse...i couldn't resist! this is part of a kris kringle exchange that i will be doing with my friends on wednesday night. i am going to include an f21 or h&m gift card inside.

how is everyone? i hope you are all enjoying the excitement and anticipation of christmas! :)

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Monday, December 1, 2008

etc, etc.

i used karyn's laser *cutter (thanks karyn!) (the most amazing thing in the world!) at the workroom over the weekend to make these and used my puncher to round out the edges. short and simple is always the best, and i am planning to give them away (including envelopes and these sweet circle labels made out of kraft paper) as christmas presents. i'm still trying to decide how to package them - kraft paper or fabric envelopes? hm.

other things i'm planning to make (as in, things that i can make with minimal mistakes, hardeeharhar):
- zippered pouches
- snap coin purses
- fabric covered push pins (i bought little tins from etsy to package these!)

i also started work on my homasote board! finalement! i still have to staple it onto the board and mount it, but i don't think it's bad at all! they came out nice and straight! :)

this picture makes me want to have a quilt.

i wanted linen, but used canvas instead. it was really cheap so i bought lots.

and in other non-crafty news:
- tomorrow i'm going to a toastmasters meeting with my best friend. it's about time, especially with all the teaching and TRENDS events that i have to do.
- friday is the grand fete! i'm getting my hair and makeup did. harhar. i've decided to wear my dress from zara. it needs to be taken in though. argh.
- lots of holiday parties to attend and kris kringles to participate in!
- i'm off work on the 19th to get ready for the little holiday party i'm throwing! stuffed mushrooms is in the menu. i would like to emulate this loveliness. there will also be gingerbread house decorating.

now if the weather would only's still raining. where are you snow?

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