Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the dizzy dancing way you feel

everything's been great great, despite a few clashes and conflicts i've been having with people. but it's only a few.

just a reminder for those who love clinique, it's clinique bonus time at sears :) i got one today and i am mighty pleased with eye shadow duo that came with it. spend $26.50 and you can also get two lipsticks, zero gravity repairwear lift firming cream (but this is for older people), liquid facial soap in travel size, mascara and an elle canada magazine subscription offer (12 months for $6.00), and a choice between a pink or purple zippered pouch (i chose the pink one).
i am pmsing big time. i am cranky and i feel huge and bloated all over and i'm ALWAYS hungry. this week i craved a cookies, cookies, cookies (especially felix&norton and triple chocolate ones) thai mango salad, panini and salmon. augh. i wonder how it'll be like when i am actually pregnant with my future baby.
speaking of babies, i went to see hershey and her cutest and most adorable baby, ellexis mia. she is the prettiest baby i have seen so far and she has the most beautiful eyelashes. hersch calls me tita...hahaha. i'm a tita now :) and man, it just goes to show how much older we're getting. it was a really good visit and it was nice to see hersch too...after all i did consider her my best friend in elementary :)
anyway, i can't wait to buy mia cute little dresses for the summer. baby girls are always the best to shop for! jewlz looks so cute with the bottle in her hand. and herschelle, so smiley and CHARMING as ever! :)

i look funny here (yeah well mel you look funny all the time). haha.

before that i went out with jewlz, which was really nice. i had a monstruous dessert that night- they call it a chocomisu - which is tiramisu topped with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. yum-o! as rachael ray says (who i now detest, btw- i used to love love her and then she got annoying. EVOO is actually harder to say than extra virgin olive oil. it was also annoying how she used to say EVOO as a shortcut and then she would go "which is extra virgin olive oil". augh rachael. waste of air. argh). anyway, it was an awesome concoction.
i'm improving with my piano playing. i can read notes now! hehe. i'm still playing dinky songs, but they're getting harder. it gets a bit boring sometimes and i'm dying to play henry mancini and james horner and hans zimmer and jewel songs, but basics and foundations first!
i also signed up for a one time 3-hour sewing class at the workroom. it's soooo's absolutely girly and they sell the most beautiful fabric. it's toronto's first sew by the hour space - meaning if you don't have a sewing machine at home, you can come and sew there at a nominal fee. i want to learn how to use a sewing machine so in the future i can make my own clothes and homemade presents (this freaks angela out. she thinks i'm going to turn into those weirdo bloggers who stay indoors all day and make arts&crafts).

i hate the weather right now. i've packed away my sweaters but it's back to 10 degrees.

i'm getting a haircut's going to be like posh's...i know it's really passé, but that's all i can do with my hair right now, since its still too short (but really shapeless and flat.)

anyhoo, back to work. have a beeyootiful sunshiney day :)

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Monday, April 28, 2008

another survey from giscelle! :)

(and another one for jona, for those jours ennuyeux)
1. if you’re being extremely quiet what does it mean?
a) i haven't had coffee yet and am most likely extremely grumpy b) i have nothing to say c) i am pissed off.

2. if a girl hits you, what would you do?
i'd hit them right back! that's right.
3. do you like checking your crush’s friendster profile?

i used to check out john's a lot, back when i still had friendster. muahaha.
4. have you ever had a one night stand?
augh no.
5. if so would you do it again? and if not,would you?

refer to #4.
6. last time you laughed?

when i was on break with brandon a while ago.
7. has anyone told you they missed you lately?

yup. john and brandon both miss me. hehehe.
8. are you wearing any clothes that don’t belong to you?

nope. they're all mine right now. angela and i have been buying the same of everything lately. that's before she stopped working.
9. would you ever date your best friend (of the opposite sex)?

john is my best friend. if clive owen was my best friend though i would certainly date him. i'm just kidding.
10. have you ever received sexy pics from someone?

yes, everyday.
11. do you regret anything from your past?
there are some things i wish i never did, but things happen for a reason. and i wouldn't be how i am today if it weren't for those stupid mistakes.
12. if you could seek revenge on someone, would you?

...yes...but i wouldn't kill or anything. maybe just pull a parent trap revenge kind of thing.
13. what was the last message you received?-

"me too. want to walk to work together? meet in the doors of bce?"
14. do you bump into someones arm if you want to hold their hand?

not really...
15. last argument?

with mother, regarding my luggage and the amount of clothes i want to bring for the trip.
16. what’s your summer wish?

none. life is beautiful right now.
17. do you have a crush?

yes yes
18. how close are you to your crush?

very close to john. unfortunately the closest thing i can get to clive owen would be watching gosford park over and over again.
19. are you in college?

i was in university. i will be convocating soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20. what are you listening to?

the humming of the printer, brandon talking, ez rock playing in someone's cubicle, and my typing.
21. last beverage?

caramelo coffee from second cup.
22. last nap?

saturday in the car on the way to jacksons point.
23. do you own a planner?

yup, and i still use it. i have a really bad memory.
24. favorite month?

school-free months, december and each month john-eh is here.
25. how do you know someone likes you?

they start saying things that they shouldn't be saying, they make excuses to hang out with you.
27. what’s your song for your lovelife?

diana ross' if we hold on together. hehehehe.
28. what are you doing on saturday?

teaching catechism, doing a spring fashion trends presentation for TRENDS and quality time with john.
29. sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you?

there are lots of things. like opening my tupperware to find that my mom had placed mango slices on my salad. angeli and her cute little pictures and letters that she would leave on my bed when i go out of town. john sending flowers or buying the last nancy drew book (can't wait to read that one!!!)
30. friend most like you?

as of the moment, john & angela.
31. what do you usually do with your bf/gf?
we like walking on queen street and checking out vintage stores, going to galleries and museums, hanging out at cafes, shopping, watching movies together, going to the library, eating out or just sit on the coach and talk. we're nerds that way.
32. who did you hang out with today?
my co-workers
33. favorite color?

right now i'm loving creams, pinks and turquoise
34. are you racist?
i stereotype.
35. excited for anything?

yup! john's visits, convocation, my piano lessons, the family trip to cali, and hopefully stratford and the mw reunion. haha.
36. ever had sex with two different people in one day?
uh no. i haven't even done it with one.

37. would you ever steal someones boyfriend or girlfriend?
38. last time you were confused?
like right now. i'm having a career crisis.
39. last time you smiled?
a few minutes ago, at the cashier at richtree when i bought my salmon salad. yum.

40. if you could cuddle anyone right now who would you pick?
johnny of course.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

courtesy of giscelle! :)

Do you notice when someone is staring at you from across the room?
oh yes. i can feel it.
Do you smile at strangers?
yes, and i talk to them too. especially waitresses and cashiers and salespeople.
What kind of clothes do you buy?
clothes that are on sale. :) i love buying mine at club monaco, the gap, urban outfitters, french connection, h&m, old navy and believe it or not, pacific mall. i've been buying a lot of cream, girly tops lately.
How many bowls of cereal do you eat in the morning?
just one, either fibre flakes with honey clusters or special k vanilla and almond with bananas and skimmed milk.
How often do you clean your room?:
i used to do it once a week on saturdays. but now it's just every other week. or when it gets unbearably messy.
How many days do you normally miss during a school year?
i used to skip a lot...this past school year i only missed two classes for each of my courses. :)
Do you live up north or down south?
i live northeast. markham or unionville.
Have you ever been to China?
Ever played the drums on a steering wheel?
nope, but i'm sure i'll be doing that once i start driving.
Can you roll your tongue?
yes i think i can
Were you named after anyone?
yes. Melissa after Melissa Manchester who sang "Through the Eyes of Love", which is the theme song from Ice Castles (a movie from the 80s that i really like!), which is also my parents' theme song. and Ann for St. Ann because I was born on July 26 which is the feast day of St. Ann and St. Joaquim.
Do you own a GPS?
yup! i forgot what we named her.
Do you like egging houses?
no. quel waste.
What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?
i don't smoke.
Are you a self-mutilator?
Do you find yourself crushing on someone currently?
i have the hugest crush on john. and clive owen.
Would life be the same without alcohol?
yes, because i don't drink and don't have to.
Have you had the best night of your life?
i had a lot of "best" nights: dinners at congee queen, dessert binges, congee wong binges (yowza), singing to kelly clarkson at the top of our lungs with the windows down, late night timmy's runs(despite the stress of essay writing), girls nights out, march 10/12 2007, etc and etc.
Do you know someone who likes you?
oh yes.
Do you still have feelings for anyone from your past?
none whatsoever.
Do you have a lot of guy friends?
no i don't think so, but come to think of it, i don't have A LOT of friends- i have lots of acquaintances. but in any case, i do prefer being friends with guys than with girls.
When was the last time you did something illegal?
is jaywalking illegal?
When was the last time you had Jamba Juice?
never had jamba juice. that sounds like some bean and corn and tomato concoction.
Did you date anyone this past summer?
yup. johnny :)
What color shirt were you wearing when your last kiss took place?
a white t-shirt with a gray cardigan.
What does your last text message in your inbox say?
"around 4 babe. what's ur favorite hour of the day?"
Do you wear the seatbelt in the car?
i have to.
Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else?
they've mistaken me for chinese and korean and a half and half of something. they have compared me to that danny guy from this season's american idol. hahahaha.
Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your bf/gf?
nope. it's not something she would do anyway.
Is there anyone you hate?
no. hate is too strong a word. really dislike is more like it.
Are you single?
nope. i'm not "taken" either. i hate that term. i am with someone :)
Was your last kiss drunk or sober?
uh sober. i don't get drunk. i find this whole kissing while drunk kinda cheap. but that's just me.
If somebody hurts you, do you give them a way back in, or blacklist them forever?
sigh. it's hard to give people a way back in. i tend to hold grudges. and i still do although i am trying to change that.
Are you easy to lie to, or do you have a hard time believing people?
yes and they think i'm stupid and won't call them on it but i can see right through them.
Is there one person who can make you feel better no matter what?
quite a few people actually. A, johnny, my siblings :)

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

why hello hello.

i haven't updated in a while.

i handed in my very last undergrad assignment and i am relieved and happy.
i went on a run with my brother last week. and out of impulse enrolled for piano lessons.
now that i've graduated there are so many things i want to do that i couldn't do because of school:
1) learn to play the piano all over again.
2) learn to swim. all i can do is the deadman's float.
3) take a sewing class at george brown so i can make homemade gifts. :)
4) learn to drive. which i've started doing. i'm hoping to have my license by july.
5) take culinary courses.
6) take salsa lessons with pam
7) take french courses with alliance francaise.
8) have mini roadtrips with friends.
9) read books. starting with 1984. i should stay away from passionate and tragic novels.
10) sit in cafes and write letters and in journals.
11) more restaurant hopping, brunches and nights out with the girls
12) do overtime when i can :)
13) take walks in parks
14) movie binge
15) manicures and facials
16) volunteer more

goodbye glendon!
i will be convocating (hehe) in june 21st.
and two of my friends got into teachers' college. i am so proud of them.

stolen from giscelle's blog :)

FIRST BEST FRIEND: this girl name loizel in jk.
FIRST SCREEN NAME: golly i don't remember.
FIRST PET NAME: blackie blackie and brownie brownie. two dogs.
FIRST CRUSH: i've always had crushes. devon sawa and jtt.
FIRST SCHOOL: i know there was one before rosehill...
FIRST KISS: first real one would be main street :)
FIRST CAR: ack, i don't have one. yet.

LAST TIME YOU SMOKED: i don't smoke at all.
ATE: augh. junk. friday's binge day.
LAST CAR RIDE: half an hour ago, driving from markville and blockbuster.
LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED: annie hall. i loved loved diane keaton's clothes. and of course woody allen's remarkable writing.
LAST PHONE CALL: johnny johnny
LAST CD YOU LISTENED TO: my dad's compilation of soundtracks, which are my favorites too
LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO: painting by chagall, by the weepies.
LAST WORDS YOU SAID: "don't wear it like that. it looks stupid."

DATED A BESTFRIEND: nope. we dated, broke up and became best friends after. john and i are bestfriends :)
BEEN ON TV: nope. on cbc radio i have :)
EATEN SUSHI: why yes of course
BEEN IN LOVE: sigh yes :)

1. skinny jeans
2. creamy top
3. creamy cardigan
4. turquoise flats
5. gray tanktop
6. gray underwear
7. gold bangles

1. worked
2. carried two bags full of junk and 2 boxes of canned pop
3. returned my 60+ library books
4. bought movies from blockbuster
5. bought my brother and sister clothes
6. messed up my room

5 FAVORITE THINGS (i'm going to consider "things" as objects)
1. my shoes and clothes and sunglasses
2. my makeup
3. my cellphone, the dinky thing, but i'll be stuck without it.
4. my konica camera from john
5. my mechanical pencil

1. john
2. A
3. angela
4. sashi

1. go to confession. hehe.
2. get married and have children (just like you giscelle!:) )
3. live in france and get frenched. not french kissed. just frenched.

VANILLA OR CHOCOLATE: it depends. vanilla for ice cream. chocolate to feel better.
HUGS OR KISSES: hugs AND kisses


so last week i went to the st. paschal baylon semi formal fundraiser for world youth day. it wasn't that fun. i was sick, food was served buffet style and it was chinese food. i like going to semi formals because it's the only time i can go dancing and be all dressed up at the same time (because i don't club). but man. this one was sooooo filipino, in a linedancing and salsa dancing and ballroom dancing kind of way. i made a bet that they would play achy breaky heart...and they did. i made a bet that they would dance ocho ocho. and they did. sigh. i feel like i wasted my dress on this thing. but that's okay. i can always wear it again. but here are some pics...the one time i danced myself out was when they played 50s/60s songs...and the macarena. haha.

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