Saturday, April 25, 2009

boulangerie of macarons + brunch

today was such a beautiful day. spring weather in the morning and summer weather in the afternoon.
perfect day to go a-brunching and exploring downtown with alice.
alice and i make quite a clumsy pair (more so for her though. harhar) and normally go into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

1. first stop was la bamboche - a cute little french bakery

i love the striped awning.

olive baguettes

freshly baked madeleines

our main reason for going though was to finally get a taste of those delectable macarons! i thought i had to wait until my paris vacation to be able to taste these beautiful (but very delicate) pastel-colored gems. you can buy them in toronto! they are a bit pricey, but they are very worth it. i loved green tea and lavender.

macarons à porter: for dessert after brunch!

la bamboche
4 manor road east

2. next stop was le petit dejeuner (yes we had a french theme going on. alice and i both majored in études françaises).
it was quite busy when we got there but we didn't have to wait long for our food.
i had a croque madame.

it was quite good. although i had expected it to be drenched in sauce. harhar. i guess it was just as well. it came with a side of salad.

i ordered a plate of rosti. my croque madame was too healthy.

next time i come back i'll order a benny.

le petit dejeuner
191 king street east

and two h&m tops (me), american apparel dress (her), italian soda and a latte (yes, on a hot day!), three macarons at dundas square later, we parted ways. i had to go for the monthly TRENDS event. where i actually did the introduction. that was quite an accomplishment. :)

anyhoo, i hope you are all having a good weekend! :)

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

old school goodies.

meet henry!
{how do you do?}

i found him through craigslist! it's $20 well spent. i met up with caroline at college station and did our exchange there. i've tracked down stores that still sell polaroid film and i will be buying them this weekend.
i am so happy. i've already taken henry for a test drive around the neighborhood and he works wonderfully! my dad also found my box of polaroids from two years ago. i will scan them once i get the chance.

lovely presents from john:

utter bliss.

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two more weeks.

14 more sleeps and i'll be in an overnight transatlantic flight to paris, probably scribbling away furiously at my journal.

ever since...
cinéma français
before sunrise, paris je t'aime
missing that opportunity to study abroad :(
amélie (as cliché as that sounds)
those grade 9 french textbooks
sabrina, a la julia ormond,
...i have been dreaming to go to paris.

these are not my lovely photos but in a few weeks i'll have my own. :)
i am so excited.

chocolate monster's flickr

from here

simply breakfast

joanna, karyn and casey are going too. and i cannot wait to see their pictures!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

giveaways+hello weekend

i haven't been signing onto my blogger. and when i did today, i found that two of my favorite reads are doing a giveaway! they all end today, but you still have time! :)
+karyn is giving away a copy of uppercase magazine to two lucky readers.

+ the lovely anabela of fieldguided is giving away a copy of lula!

today should be a lovely day. a whopping 19 degrees! :)

tonight, to celebrate my siblings' birthdays, angela & al-jo&i are staying overnight at the fairmont royal york hotel. not sure what we're going to do tonight yet, but it will definitely involve lots of food.

i hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend!

ps: i found a polaroid one step camera on craigslist...i hope that it still works. i'm going to see it today.

pps: i am thisclose to buying a canon rebel xs, 10.1 mp. i hope hope hope that it all works out. it's secondhand, but i'm sure it was loved.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

a bit of prepping going on for the trip:

luggage tags to chic-ify plain, black luggage

some pre-versailles reading. marie antoinette, as snobby and as frivolous as she was, was very much misunderstood. (oh yes, i actually borrowed books from the library! i normally buy them...)

the paris moleskine (grad gift from my sistah) and a very naughty french phrase book. hehe.

AND, i hope everyone's had a great easter!

- church for the past three days has been at least two hours long.
- passion of the christ never fails to make me cry.
- spontaneous dinners out with friends at midnight are fun. while blasting out meg & dia, deathcab and josh radin songs. hardeehar. i felt 20 again.
- niagara as a spontaneous outing for easter is the best. had a latte for the first time in 40 days and it was delicious.
- i've been spending way too much money at h&m.
- it's a good thing i've finally opened a tfsa and rrsp savings account. it's about time.
- my room is messy. but at least my closet is clean and organized. it really looks like yogurt in there. hardeehar.

have a good week everyone!

le grand trip countdown: 25 more sleeps

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

when it's too cold to go to the beach...

...let the beach come to you.

it's a sandcastle kit.
tres adorable.

sigh. dreaming of summer weather.

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