Thursday, October 29, 2009

linden update

hello friends. thanks for the heartwarming comments.
it seems that linden has teeth infection. i thought this existed only in dogs. we were never told when we had adopted him to watch out for his teeth. i feel like a bad neglectful pet owner.
he is staying overnight at the hospital where he can get a blood test, iv and antibiotics. i am relieved that he is not dying, but still very scared since we don't know the extent of his infection.
how can you resist a kitty (as old as he is) like him? it's sad when he's not there to meet us at the door when we get home. he hasn't been doing that for days.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


my brother and john are taking him to the vet tomorrow. we don't know what's wrong with him but he hasn't been himself for the past few days. i really hope it's nothing serious and that he'll get over it. i love you lindyboy.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

japan sushi+high park

a bento box from japan sushi has become a saturday ritual. if only they had those stamp cards. like, "buy 5 get a 6th meal free".
$6.99 for a bento box that includes 4 sushi rolls, 6 tempura pieces, salmon teriyaki (or beef or pork or gyoza), rice, salad, noodles & soup. so good.

japan sushi
482 bloor street west

after lunch, john and i went to high park. it was the first time in many years that i've been thisclose to nature. nature meaning bugs, really really tall trees and dirt paths.
teehee i also saw lots of mallard ducks. it reminded me so much of make way for ducklings.

high park
take the train west (green line) and get off at high park.
and follow the people. normally with cameras or picnic baskets.

i hope everyone had a great weekend.
ps: i finally got my 50 mm lens and i am SO happy with it!
pps: the slr still frustrates me though. i really should read the manual.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

yay polaroid!

yesiree, polaroid will be re-launching instant cameras! WOOHOO!
(hmm...does that mean inexpensive film?)
read more here.

now onto the next: gocco!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

- 2 servings of last night's thanksgiving dinner and yummy plum tart
-5 hours of cutting out hexagons for a paper piecing project. literally paper piecing.
- 3 back-to-back episodes of glee (yay, finally caught up!)
- 3 back-to-back episodes of gossip girl (hilary duff, not bad at all)
- 1 starbucks white chocolate grande
- a nice stroll in main street unionville
couldn't be happier.

in the future:
- october 16, 17, 18 - imaging show 2009 (henry's)
-october 18: pure rummage trunk show at the workroom!

have a great week, all! :)

ps: this is bad. i want to get a new lens (50 mm), now that i have an slr. argh, when will the wanting end? harhar.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving, canadians!
i almost prefer thanksgiving over christmas because thanksgiving is really about getting together and celebrating each other's company. the spirit of christmas gets ruined with all the stress that comes with purchasing presents for people out of obligation. as a result gift giving becomes this thoughtless, pricey exchange (on credit). i remember serving this really rude customer (back in my st. cinnamon days) who was complaining how much she hated christmas because she hasn't gotten through her list yet. people just do not get what (and for some like me, who) christmas stands for.
but when i start seeing crafty people in blog land with all their lovely, homemade presents, it uplifts me and i get inspired to do the same. there is nothing like homemade to show how much you care for someone.
anyway, we celebrate thanksgiving on a sunday night so that we can stay up late and not worry about work the next day.
there are indeed lots to be thankful for:
* ma famille
* johnny, and the fact that he is here for a few months. it is so nice to have him here.
* true friendship
* my job
* school
* a day of sunshine after a gloomy, rainy week
* the kindness of strangers

i hope you have a lovely thanksgiving, friends. smile and be thankful :)

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

sometimes bad days can be fruitful

it's just one of those days when you just want to climb into a hole and never come out again. or those days when you want to eat and eat and eat until you feel better. or buy something so extragavant. or run for a long long long time until you've forgotten about everything momentarily.

i feel so small. and 17 again, back when i started my first job in the real world and went home and i cried (yes i'm a crybaby) and swore i'd never go back again but did. and now, it's been almost a year but there's no sign of progress and just a whole lot of effing up. and you're supposed to find some kind of life lesson from all this.

yes i know i will.

later on i'll look back and see that it wasn't such a big deal and that everything turned out fine anway. yes, these things give you backbone, they help you grow up, but dammit it's hard. no mother to hold your hand or anyone else to make you feel better. it's all really up to you and how you're going to deal with it.

so i had a good cry during lunch, ate fries and bought a Nikon D60. no it wasn't an impulse buy. but it did make me feel a little better.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

we're not made of steel and there's only 24 hours to a day.

hello hello.
* i haven't been blogging in a while, as you can tell. these are photos from jarvis. i am really loving the camera bag app. you should get it too. if you have an iphone and if you like taking pics.
i found this via dani.
* thanksgiving is this monday and my family normally celebrates the day before so that we can have the rest of monday off to do other things. like sleep in and do laundry harhar .
* did you go to nuit blanche? i have yet to upload les photos, but it was okay. highlights: the royal conservatory, hip hop lessons at the toronto reference library, having sushi on spadina with john and getting home at 4 in the fricking morning. the giant bunny was cute. it would have been better if it was outdoors, surrounded by the lights in dundas square.
* it's tights and fur weather. yay.
* i started classes and am onto my third week. i love it. it doesn't feel like school. it's almost like blog surfing except someone's telling you how to do it properly. i seriously love my professors. i am now really sure that i want to get into event planning.
* i like older people. i would love to be able to partner up with an older person for my final group project.
* my neck won't stop cracking.
* i sniffed peanuts on the train tonight and my throat started itching. hmmm.
* guilty pleasures: banana with nutella. or just nutella. and a lot of goop.
* blogs i like: restless transplant (awesome pictures) and coco & lowe (such sweet and awesome girls)
* i attended a seminar on effective goal setting. one of the things the speaker talked about was prioritizing and so sad to say that i had to give up tutoring. :( my schedule was getting really crazy. i've also had to give up piano. sigh.

and that isallisallisall. have a great week tout le monde.

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