Tuesday, January 12, 2010

first giveaway - win a set of cards + letterpress workshop

hello friends. this post may be a little long, only because there is so much to tell you. we enjoyed our workshop on sunday so much. having our brunch at the palmerston was so convenient because it was literally a few seconds away from bookhou.
now bookhou i have only seen in pictures, but seeing it in person was just amazing. and it was such a beautiful sunday morning too that the sunlight seemed to make the entire store glow. i loved everything about it: the "gallery feel", the products, arounna's work/craft space, the artwork.

after giving us a quick tour around the store and a brief intro on the letterpress, we got down to business. we showed her the paper that we had brought. for those who are going to be doing letterpress workshops in the future, woolfitts is having a sale till first week of february i believe. john and i bought a package of gigantic sheets of canson paper which is perfect for letterpress for 99 cents each or $24 for 24 sheets.

without a proper paper trimmer/cutter (anyone know where i can get one for a good price?) it took me hours to cut up the paper using a utility knife (yes, i cringe too). i rounded out the edges and they didn't look so bad. still, i wish they came out a little cleaner on the sides. setting up the press was the most time consuming part (kinda like cutting out patterns and prepping your sewing), just because you want to make sure that everything looks good and spelled correctly! harhar. we had a few spelling mistakes.
all the illustrations are hand drawn by john and arounna got the plates made for us for a fee. aren't they nice? and they're not bad framed!

so as you can tell, we kinda got a little carried way. which means that we have quite a few to give away! we are giving away:
* your choice of moleskine cahier and 1 card/print - choose from leica, yahica and holga (graphing paper moleskine) and choose from the 6 cards
* the camera card set - set of three cards with the leica, yashica and holga, 5x5
* the random objects card set- set of three cards with the umbrella, cupcake and teabag
what must you do?
all you have to do is leave a comment before midnight of sunday, january 17 and let us know what you would like to receive. to make it fair, no facebook comments please! friends, if you are reading this from facebook you must comment on my blog. we will randomly select three lucky commenters and announce the winners on monday, january 18, 10:00 AM. this is the first time i'm ever doing a giveaway, so if something doesn't make sense, don't hesitate to email.
this workshop was the little push that john and i needed to really get on with planning our own etsy store. it is something that we have always wanted to do but we have always been too scared to start. so hello etsy, watch out for us! :)
have a good day everyone!


Michelle said...

ooh, those moleskine cahiers look great! would this comment be an eligible entry? i do love holgas.

what an awesome christmas present, by the way! it looks like you both had a lot of fun, and that store sort of reminds me of a japanese chain they have here in england.

SamanthaClarke said...

I love the moleskin cahier and the camera card. I look forward to the results! :-)

CAPow said...

I love the oh snap prints!!

Leanna said...

mel, you're so clever -- "tea-riffic" ... that's my personal favourite!!

alisha said...

super cute!
sign me up for the moleskine cahier and 1 card/print, please!

Antoinette said...

Wow, moleskine cahier and camera card! But that is a tough choice -- everything looks irresistible!

tito lowie said...

"handmade" rules! (no 'undo' buttons)


the random objects card set - i love free stuffs!

Vanessa said...

Oh snap!!!

Mel that was hilarious! (currently in lecture) oh how your blog adds to my Western Art Song class! While listening to some of Schumann's love songs to his wife, and looking at these prints - I've got scenes from 'The Reader' in my head.

Pearl said...

wicked, mellycakes! i like the cupcake one the best. mmm...cupakes.

leslie said...

your drawings and sayings are so cute. and quirky. you definitely need to start an etsy shop. now.
i have looked for a letter press class in calgary but no luck. dang it.
(i would love the random object card set. whoohoo!)

Jacqui Dodds said...

Great to see you at Bookhou - I would love to go myself but I live in England - maybe one day!
I love your designs they look original and clear.
If I won I would like a moleskine cahier - leica and card/print the same please.

Knotted Nest said...

I love Bookhou too! And your prints are so sweet!

This is my first time on your blog... happy to have stumbled onto it;)

Lauren said...

How Sweet!!
the random objects card set would be my first pick, but they are all so darn cute.

Lisa Canning said...

random objects crad set pretty please! I love!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

wow I am so impressed with your camera drawing skills! Sounds like a really cute workshop to inspire the both of you, I eagerly await your Etsy opening best of luck! And count me in for a Holga moleskin and cupcake print - super cute!x

roisin said...

I can't wait to try arounna's press - letterpress is just so beautiful!

I would love any of the paper goods - I think that the yashica moleskine and tea or cupcake cards are my favorites.

Celine said...

the moleskine cahiers are amazing! I'd want the leica one!!

and I can't wait to see what your etsy store will be! this is exciting news!

Wendy said...

oh so fun!! i'm jealous you got to visit the bookhou store - i love their stuff. i like the moleskine cahier :)

Ayalah said...

Oh snap! i love all of these letterpress creations- great job! if i must choose, then the random objects card set is it.

lynn said...

hi melissa,
i think this letter press thing is amazing. i love holga cahier, and the umbrella card is pretty as well. i've heard from angela that john is good with photography but he can draw as well! i like that you have these things, except then i feel like an epic fail because i have none. haha.

good luck with your etsy shop and traveling for the new year.


Jessica said...

It's all so great! I have to go with the random objects card set!

*m a r said...

This is such a nice post! I love all these paperstuff and the illustrations are superb!

X Marion

Filipa said...

I bet you would like to have one of these pieces.