Monday, January 4, 2010

365 photo project + a bucket list for 2010 + 1/365

1/365 - from john - a shinzi katoh lunch container, in my attempts to save money and pack lunches to work.

i'm back to work! the trains are full again and it's nice to be of use and working. hehe. eating late, sleeping late and waking up late was nice, but the i-slept-too-much headaches were quite frequent over the holiday break. it was a lovely break though, which included:
  • at least 10 movies (dvds and cinema - i am all movied out) - sherlock holmes and up in the air were awesome. i was crying even after seven pounds was done
  • bowling
  • hakka food for the first time
  • the AGO
  • christmas parties
  • IKEA breakfast and dinner (50 cent hotdogs!)
  • lots of hot chocolate
  • lots of japaleno havarti and grapes
being a lover of lists and bullet points, i have decided to do another bucket list to welcome 2010. it won't be as long as my previous list as there are lots that need to be carried over from the last year! and here they are:
  • travel to one of these countries this year: austria, france (yes, again!), japan, philippines
  • try something different from the menu. like, udon noodles instead of my usual bento box.
  • go to a wine bar
  • complete the 365 photo project (you can also find the link on the left side of my blog), as inspired by jona, karyn and anabela. i also signed up for a photoblog.
  • buy a camera bag to help complete the 365 photo project
  • learn to skate
  • go to church more often
  • pay off most of my credit card
  • make something and sell it
  • take a drawing course
  • really celebrate my birthday (i'll be a quarter of a century old!)
  • take care of this blog. i'm not really good at replying to comments and updating. i shall improve on that. (but i finally changed the blog around and i am very pleased with it. i also updated my blogroll and added a few things on the sidebar.)
  • smile more, complain less
  • drink more water, lessen aspartame intake
  • write more letters
  • get abs. not gross abs. but womanly abs. hehe.
  • save up for world youth day 2011, in madrid!

for those back to work, i hope there's still lots of holiday cheer leftover.
have a good week everyone!


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Hi Melissa, happy new year to you! I am loving your fresh new blog look, I am doing the same thing right now trying to update mine and promising to pay more attentino to it! Its so funny you mention your acute sense of smell in the sidebar - I have that exact problem too and it is a problem and people think Im wierd about it all the time but its horrible to work in a hospital with an acute sense of smell! Best of luck with your 2010 list and we must finally do a craft swap together soon!xx

snap + tumble said...

I'm with ya on your third bullet point from the bottom of your bucket list ;)

leslie said...

oh, happy new year to you. i love that your list is not overly long. and am excited to see the progress you make on it. whoohoo!

julz said...

yay mel, im trying to do the 365 project too! hehe.. and lets' go to madrid together? :D spain is my long lost romance. muhaha

melissa said...

@rebecca - teehee, your comment made me giggle. the worse for me is coming out of a restaurant and i smell like food. no one else can smell it but me. another one is when i am in a bus with lots of people who just got out of the rain. wool coats + rain = stinky. yes, please update your blog and i hope to read more of your stuff! i'd love to do a craft swap with you!
@tanya - i'd be happy to receive a letter from you anytime! :)
leslie - hi leslie! yes, it's more manageable that way and easier on myself if i don't go through it all!
jewlz - HI JEWLZ! yes! we should! raiya and anna are going too! it will be a lot of fun. send me your flickr set link! i'd love to see! :)

r= said...

happy happy new year!!!

i am so happy you'll be doing the 365 project!!! i cannot wait to see what you have to show each day of the year! this is super exciting.

all the best this year and yes! hopefully we will meet, i am sure of it! xo lady!