Monday, January 11, 2010

the palmerston

i had such a good day yesterday! as a christmas gift for him, i signed john and myself up for a letterpress workshop at bookhou. i will blog about the letterpress workshop in a separate post, but i would like to share with you this little cafe that we went to. we wanted to have brunch before our class, and arounna suggested the palmerston.

the owners were super friendly and they let me take as many pictures as i wanted (some establishments don't allow it for some reason. like the red tea box). crooners were singing in the background (from sirius' great american songbook) while john and i sipped on lemoned water and coffee.

i ordered the eggs benedict and john got croque monsieur.

they were both very good. instead of the typical combination of english muffins and hollondaise sauce, the eggs benny at the palmerston was made up of grilled slices of baguette, arugula and drizzles of olive oil. at first glance, the eggs looked like they were going to be rock hard with a coagulated mess of a yoke. oh but the eggs were awesome. they were perfectly poached.
we spent $15 each, including taxes and tip and free refills of amazing coffee. eating was very enjoyable and we left feeling satisfied without feeling gross, and ready to do some letterpressing!

the palmerston
800 dundas street west

you should go. :)


John M said...

i could eat the croque monsieur everyday.

Lauren said...

Mmmm. What a delicious post - I will absolutely be going there soon!

karyn said...

that sounds so yummy! i can't wait to hear about your letterpress class.

Celine said...

I used to live so close to there, and I never tried it! I guess I just always assumed it would always be that close!
I'm glad someone I know liked it there! I will go there with Jin one day on your recommendation.

So nice that they let you take pictures. I don't like places that don't.

Michelle said...

that place looks wonderful! i'll definitely visit it when (in the late future) i travel to canada.

those eggs looks scrumptious and the croque monsieur reminds me of the ones i had in france - very legit!