Monday, January 4, 2010


this is my workspace.
this is where i make my messes.
because of holiday parties i've had to tidy it up and this is the neatest it has ever been.
i finally finished the homasote board. it took my dad just as long to hang it up.


Celine said...

your workspace is so clean!
And I love your sewing machine! two toned grey? pretty!!

Your blog looks so beautiful. happy new year!

oh and yes! we should definitely meet this year! It has been long overdue!

Antoinette said...

Look at that! Beautiful and tidy. I would expect nothing different. :)

melissa said...

celine, thank you! yes, i love that machine! she finally has a name - phoebe!

antoinette, thanks a bunches! it's tidy on a very good day :)