Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the night-in kit

because A's birthday lands very close to christmas, i wanted to give her something christmas-themed and something that was just for her. thus, the night-in kit. it first started with the idea of giving her a hershey's smores maker (to have some semblance of summer during the winter, and a good reminder of her family camping trips), but i wanted it to be more personal. from there i decided to add popping kernels and popcorn powder into the mix and a $10 gift card to blockbuster. this way, she and neil can have a nice night in, a solution to a cold winter night.
you can't really see it, but to seal the bag of popcorn kernels, i used those "admit one" ticket rolls and stapled them on. i thought the crochet trim against the cellophane makes them look like snowflakes! i'm using the same boxes and cello bags and avery labels from my cookie mail to create the kit. i couldn't fully close the box (the stack of graham crackers was too tall), so i punched out holes with a tiny puncher and strung it shut with twine. i bought the crackers and chocolates from the bulk store. to make smores-ing manageable, i used chocolate and white chocolate wafers.
i enjoyed making it so much that i decided to make more to give away as christmas presents. but these don't have to be for christmas alone. change up the color schemes and even some of the contents. it's so versatile but still homemade and personal at the same time.

i hope this inspires you for your next gifting project!


snap + tumble said...

i love this to bits. the problem with great packaging is that you just want to leave it as is. if i got one of these night-in kits, i may never use it because it's too darn nice.

Ayalah said...

What a great kit! Love the details!

Antoinette said...

Total inspiration. I will be sure to credit you when I rip off this idea. LOL

John M said...

i could use a night in kit.

melissa said...

tanya - hardeehar. i'm like that too, your comment reminded me of my mom and the infamous and much coveted jar of biscotti. she got them for christmas a long time ago. she's never eaten them (or let any of us eat them) because they're too pretty and are for display purposes only!
ayalah - thank you!
antoinette - rip away, i say! :)
john - yes, little love! i'll make one just for you. :)