Thursday, January 7, 2010

three markets

one very cold wintery day, john and i went on a day date to take pictures. i wanted to share some of them with you. going on this date reminded me how lucky i am to be living in toronto. and how especially lucky i am to have him here for a few months (he's from north carolina).

the day started off with breakfast at the mill street brew pub at the distillery.
i am still in search for the perfect eggs benedict (i know, i won't find it a pub) and i don't like that they used peameal bacon. i think it's a little gross. but i have to tell you, nothing beats ikea for breakfast (in price and even in taste hehehe).

the first market was, you know it, st. lawrence market. we didn't buy anything, but there were so many meat stalls i wanted to buy ground beef. next time i'm going back to get cookie cutters.

next we took the train to chinatown. i love chinatown, with its cool funky clothes, their spread of herbs and vegetables, and their bakeries. i am a hugest fan of egg tarts. i first had them in grade 9 when my friend's grandmother baked some. it was heaven in a tart tin. i also love bubble tea. my favorite is taro with tapioca.
and by the way, if you want inexpensive dishes, servers, kitchen cookware with a restaurant aesthetic, check out tap phong. you'll love it. you'll also find cheap chinese takeout boxes in many colors (never buy at michael's. they are overpriced there!)

of course you can't not go to kensington market, where you're welcomed by the scent of incense and the smell of vintage and old leather.

sometimes i complain that there's really nothing to take pictures of, but he reminds me that a good photographer always finds the perfect opportunity, wherever you are. john is one smart (and adorable) cookie.
our next day date is this sunday. we're taking a letterpress workshop at bookhou and we are so excited. we're hoping to find a nice cafe along dundas street west. if you have any suggestions, let me know!
you may find more pictures here.
have a good day everyone!


SamanthaClarke said...

Yummy breakfast! And John made a great point. Good photos are everywhere! :-)

CAPow said...

lovely pictures!

arounna said...

I am excited to meet you both! - your plates will arrive tomorrow.

Along Dundas west - palmerston cafe next door to us. Saving Grace - yummy brunch and Ella's Uncle - best chocolate chip cookies and really good coffee.

melissa said...

samantha - thanks for stopping by. i saw your pictures and they're great! i try to remember that when i start complaining in my mind. hehe

CAPow - thank you!

arounna - so excited to meet you! we will definitely try the palmerston cafe. thank you so much for the suggestion!