Monday, January 25, 2010

23/365: a mountain of chopped apples

these are chopped apples for my tuna salad. i used to hate packing my lunches for work, but to get on with my resolution to save more money, it is something i had to start doing. can you imagine, i was sometimes spending $15 a day for breakfast and lunch. multiply that by 5 (days) then by 4 (months). and that's not including lattes.
by adding things like apples to my salads or bringing nutella in little containers i now find packing lunch a much more enjoyable task.


snap + tumble said...

it's worth the little extra effort to pack yourself a nice lunch :)

r= said...

that's a good plan melissa! your rosemary + dijon mustard chicken looks yummy toooo yums!

happy week to you too!