Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3/365: journals

rooting around for a receipt that i stashed away in my bin, i saw my journals and thought i'd show you.
besides coffee, i cannot live without a journal. it's a habit that i formed at the age of 10. on days when i am mad or annoyed, you'll see me writing away furiously.
my first journal or diary was given to me by my godmother. it was the epitome of girliness: pink and scented pages. i used to begin every entry with a "dear diary". and, i am ashamed to admit this, it was almost always followed by either something really awful and petty about someone ("she wouldn't share her stickers with me!) or about a boy crush ("oh my gosh! he was staring at me!").
over the years the journals evolved to kitty cats, polka dots, flowers, and then moleskines.
i used to buy only journals with lines, but found as i got older than un-lined journals can be so liberating. now my journals do not begin with a "dear diary", but in medias res. my entries are not as petty as before, but reading through each journal i can see that it's still all very me.

ps: it's nice to see that my taste in journals have changed.


karyn said...

whoo! i'm so happy you're doing 365. happy new year, melissa. you are such a dear heart. hope to see you soon. xok.

Sara said...

that's such a beautiful photo! I love journals and I keep them safe in a locked drawer :D


I love journals too and I have like 5 moleskines filled with doodles, essays, collages, etc.

btw, your workspace is pretty.


melissa said...

karyn - your blog is the first blog i check every morning at work!
sara - thank you! i used to hide my journals when i was younger now i just leave them lying around!
ram - wow, essays, very impressive. mine are filled with doodles (ugly ones), rantings. i've tried doing collages but it just doesn't work for me! i hope to see more of your journals.