Saturday, January 30, 2010

26/365: refilling the atomizer

this took forever to do. i was so afraid i was going to break the bottle so i had to carefully spritz the perfume into the atomizer. it took around 30 pumps to get it full.

miss dior cherie is the only perfume i can wear because it doesn't make me dizzy. for years i had gone au naturel, relying on freshly washed hair and laundered clothes. but there was always something so nice about those girls who pass by you and just smell so sweet! thus my search for perfume-that-does-not-give-me-a-headache began. we were united last year and have been using only her ever since.
i would love to know your favorite perfume to wear!


Michelle said...

i adore 'laugh with me lee-lee' by benefit, it's a truly magnificent scent. but if perfumes give you a headache, try some scented perfume oils! the body shop does a great selection.

anabela / fieldguided said...

I'm actually thinking of picking up Miss Dior Cherie at some point -- it smells so nice!

I really like Cannabis Rose by Fresh, but only after a few days. It smells too strong but it lingers so wonderfully.

Ayalah said...

I just ran out of my Vanille Pitahaya by Comptoir Sud Pacifique and am really tempted to try their Amour de Cacao eau de toilette. It has the loveliest hint of chocolate.

Anna Patricia said...

OOOhhh... I get dizzy with perfume too. I found one called Laila, it's the first perfume of Norway and it makes me think of delicate white flowers... not sure which one, but it's just floral fresh and almost like a sophisticated version of baby cologne.

I hate getting headaches from perfume :( I'm gonna give Cherie a try.