Monday, January 4, 2010



Ayalah said...

Over the holidays I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's on television. After seeing it many many times, I am still noticing new details. And I am convinced that her wardrobe from that film is completely timeless but also always on trend! This time I noticed the turban trend (from a few seasons ago), and even the current/last season grey sweatshirt trend (when she's singing on the fire escape). Love that movie! Love Audrey!

melissa said...

i agree with you! a lot of things are timeless, like her flats, the pants and coats. the coat that fred/paul's "girlfriend" was wearing when she thought she was being followed is really in right now, with the high neck. i THINK it was givenchy who designed the clothes for the movie?
my favorite outfit of hers was when she and fred/paul did their little game of "things we've never done before". sigh.
i luuurv audrey. i asked for another audrey movie this christmas, wait until dark or a nun's story (something completely different) but alas, no luck at hmv!

Ayalah said...

So true! The cape with high collar and slits for the arms is great - would totally wear that now! I think Givenchy did Audrey's outfits, and Edith Head was in charge of wardrobe overall - classic!
Some of Audrey's movies ARE hard to find. My favorites are probably Breakfast at Tiffany's, Charade, and How to Steal a Million. I also really like Two for the Road (...and sabrina, roman holiday, funny face)
I think the more obscure ones that I have caught were simply by luck - on tv