Sunday, January 3, 2010

a summary of 2009

happy new year to all of you!
i normally list out summaries, but being inspired by anabela and shari, here is a summary of 2009 in pictures.

january - 1st attempt with crochet trim

february - edmonton for the first time

march - the sweetest smell

april - macarons, for the very first time at la bamboche

may - paris & elton john!

june - lovely dinners in the backyard

july - a week and a half with john

august - montreal family trip

september - "be the best version of yourself"

october - finally have one!

november - forsythe farms and montreal, again

december - sent out yummy mail for the first time

not to mention:
speaking in public to 150 people for the first time
running over a stop sign
writing a speech the night before
dancing the night away
overnight hotel stay with my siblings
event planning courses
all nighters
learned how to play "river flows in you"
new friends
numerous servings of humble pie

a new year is always a sign of hope for me...i would like to be the best version of myself. to be genuine. to be more generous. to be more forgiving.
sometimes it can be so difficult, but it is possible, as long as i always seek him and have more faith and trust in him.

happy new year everyone! may 2011 be another year of joy and hope for you :)


snap + tumble said...

Melissa - your blog looks beautiful. Looking forward to following it in the new year. Happy to have met you (online!).

John M said...

wow! your blog has gone pro. looks like you had an awesome year. this year will be even better melissa.