Friday, October 3, 2008

wearable patchwork and miscellany

i don't normally talk about fashion, but when i saw this comme des garcons dress, it made me think of paper piecing.

from Coutorture

English Paper Piecing, originally uploaded by the workroom.

anabela from field guided (a blog that i just recently discovered!) makes the same observation:

from here

from here

ever since i discovered ayumi's blog and her wonderful logcabin pouch, i've been wanting to try quilting. going to the workroom makes me want to start as well, but it just seems so daunting. i suck at measurements and sewing straight on the machine, and am not very patient - which i think are prequisites to making something so beautiful and grand like a quilt (am i right?). other news:

* it amuses me that "vegan" is now the new adjective for synthetic leather

* john is coming for thanksgiving! yay! this means long walks, long talks, movie nights and lots of holding hands. sigh.

* i am hoping to get some sewing and crafting done this weekend. my energy's just been really low nowadays. but i do miss my machine!i'm planning to make my littler sister a crayon roll.

*my laptop has passed away. it's only two years old, but i guess that's the maximum lifespan of any techie thing now. things are just not made to last anymore. disintegration is the new thing. this is why vintage is awesome.

have a beautiful friday everyone!


Q's Daydream said...

Yay! Thats exciting Johns going to visit! :o)

John M said...

funny mine died a week before yours. wanna bury the laptops together?hahaha

Casey said...

thanks for commenting on my blog! I don't mind if you post about my space... thanks for asking! so thoughtful...

Anabela said...

Oh man... a couple of months ago I found THE cutest vintage patchwork dress on eBay, but it was way too small for me and anyway, it looked really nice on the girl in the picture but I would just look like Raggedy Ann. I love that look, though.

megan and melissa said...

my mom is an amazing quilter-- i haven't tried out quilting myself, but looking at these pictures helps me be inspired again. if you do have any questions, i could always bug my mom about it :) have fun crafting this weekend!

LYDIA said...

I found your blog today and I have just recently taken up sewing. I was also hesitant to start because I can't cut straight at all, I thought that it might affect the outcome of my quilt. But as my MIL told me, it's all about the tools you use, so it doesn't matter if you cut straight or not! So I think you should try it out. I have almost completed my first quilt and will be posting pictures soon. I think I am addicted :)

kirsten said...

those comme des garcons sure know how to funk up a dress!
that is so very cool. great find. :)
[fyi, i found you via kootoyou]