Friday, October 10, 2008

what a beautiful day.

(as you can probably already tell, i like making lists. and writing in short sentences. hehe)

today was great :
* my offer letter came in the mail! they've offered me the job :)

* my laptop is back and works better than before and is super fast

* john arrived safe and sound. still amazing as always. he got me a calligraphy set & 4 more built by wendy patterns!

* watched an old gossip girl episode with john and thoroughly enjoyed bashing vanessa together (i apologize to those who like vanessa). she does have good points, but not enough to redeem herself, as blair had.

* had my mom's breaded fish (i normally hate fish, but my mom makes great breaded fish)
* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand had FOUR whopping servings of warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream. mmm mmm good.

tomorrow is my day off and i'm glad. because it's 1:22 in the morning and i am still wired and i know i won't be getting enough sleep to function.
tomorrow is also our traditional ikea breakfast day and stroll around downtown.
i love ikea breakfasts. because they're good and they're only 99 cents.

i wish everyone a happy, beautiful friday! i'll be back with photos, yay!


Wendy said...

that does sound like a great day! and mmm.. i've yet to try out the ikea breakfast. congrats on the offer!

megan and melissa said...

i loooove apple pie. definitley one of my favorite fall treats. glad your laptop is back-- it is always great when things work the way they should.
congrats on the job-- have a fun filled weekend!

Kirsty said...

Happy weekend to you - I love making lists too.

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Congratulations with the job! And FOUR patterns?! Wowey hope you find some time!!

melissa said...

thanks everyone!
i start on november 3rd :)

gingerdame said...

Congratulations to us on finding our post-graduation jobs! :D

What will you be doing? Where?

I work at Garda, a security firm. It's on the same road as Hawthorne's! Work's begun to be hectic, but that's life. I shall work at being a drudge until something better comes along!

P.S. Reply in my blog. I have a hard time going back to check replies. BTW, I love the workroom post! If only I'd known about it before I started working full-time. -_-