Friday, October 24, 2008

it's friday, but it's not so great.

1) it started off with a bang on the train.
an awful experience with a girl who kept hitting me with her bag. ON PURPOSE.
i can hold my bag in such a way that it won't hit anybody's knees. and if it does, i apologize and move my bag out of the way.
i called her on it and asked her what she was doing.
she said that i:
a) "scowled" at her
b) "hit [her] bag"
i was fast asleep when she hit me the first time. i was more startled. and how could i have hit her if i was, again, asleep?
i told her that i didn't want to argue with her and went back to sleep, after which she tried hitting my knee again. very immature. completely ignored her after. i'm sure she was making faces at me, but sometimes it's more annoying to them when you ignore their attempts to provoke you.

2) had a horrible haircut which i paid a lot for.

HUGE barrel brush+hairspray+bobcut=not a good idea.

i want to cry.
i did...
...after i tried to put it up in a ponytail and my guy co-worker jokingly said that there's not enough hair.
and i didn't think about halloween and my plans to be holly golightly.
i've never cried about my hair before. even when i got it cut really short.

3) i have a powerpoint presentation for tomorrow that is beyond done.
whenohwhen will i ever learn my lesson?

i hope it gets better by the time i leave work. 3 more hours and counting.
i'd love to be able to just go home and make something, but i'm going to be quite the busy bee this weekend, starting tonight:
- must finish presentation for trends
- teach tomorrow morning
- trends event tomorrow afternoon
- bake sale on sunday

check out
- this blog post, shared by johnny. it will make you melt!
- this awesome blog i discovered

have a great friday everyone! :)


Christie said...

ew. bad day, hope it got better

thanks for the link :-)

Wendy said...

oh boy, so sorry to hear about the bad day! hope the weekend makes up for it :)

megan and melissa said...

so sorry about the haircut! I hate it when things like that go wrong.
love the idea for going as holly golightly for halloween, from one fellow audrey hepburn lover to another.
good luck with your presentation, and hopefully you can squeeze in some down time.
happy weekend!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Keep smiling sweetie and just let the day wash over, you can only have a better one tomorrow (it is the weekend afterall!)x

jona rhica said...

aww :(

oddly enough, i recently got a bad haircut too...i wanted to chop off my splits but she layered my hair AND bangs. now i have to grow it out to correct it. ugh.

chin up!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Oh dear, evil people and a bad haircut! I had a dreadful haircut a couple of months ago and cried like a baby. I'm sure it's not as bad as you think, but remember - hair grows, thank goodness!

Santiago said...

hey chickie... aiyaaa... at least you didn't cut something that doesn't grow back, right? (i.e., an arm, a leg, a wooden peg?)

bad joke? :P just remember je t'aime as much as lollipops and gumdrops.

have a great week, lovely, and see you friday!! hoohah!

melissa said...

christie - you are welcome! i love your ideas!

wendy - it totally did! thank you!

melissa - thanks melissa! i was so nervous while presenting, and am glad that it's over and done with!

rebecca - friday night got better after i washed my hair :)

jona - it makes you wonder where they go to school, eh?

andrea - yes! and i'm glad mine grows pretty quickly!

a - or a finger...gak. i will see you my dear on friday! and we must plan our menu :)