Monday, October 20, 2008


john flew back to north carolina yesterday and i am feeling quite sad and bummed.
but i do have pictures from saturday's downtown (again) excursion. it was a really beautiful day. we had breakfast at the gladstone hotel's ballroom cafe. (the gladstone is a boutique hotel)

gladstone hotel
1214 queen street west
toronto, ontario, m6j 1j6
416 531 4635

because i had wanted to try something different, i had eggs benedict for the first time! i don't know if it was because of the heightened anticipation, but i was a bit disappointed. i thought that the eggs were a tad overcooked and i couldn't really taste the hollondaise sauce.

john ordered a frittata. now this one was really good: sundried tomatoes, pesto and parmesan.

i have to say that the coffee was very, very good though.
the cafe also has a nice vibe. there was a lady doing some watercoloring a few tables away. i'd go back again, and just order the frittata. hehe.

i wish i had a teapot like this. so cute!

other little discoveries:
* this sewing machine store on ossington and queen which sells $6.50 yard sticks. fabricland sells them for $30!!! of course i got one and it was one of the best purchases of the day. it's wood and it looks really vintagey to me. i also bought gray knit fabric which i will be turning into another dress soon!

* i miss you vintage
where i got two pairs of shoes, with the right heel height and the right fit. i'm still searching for the perfect brown shoes, but these black ones (and one with a bow) are a good start.
* this:

"i am more than the square heads that live here"
* this:

it makes me want to go to the market and buy a loaf of baguette and tomatoes, even though i hate tomatoes.
i did a lot of crafting and fabric shopping this past week and i'd like to show you once i have everything uploaded!
and that is all.
have a good week everyone! :)
i miss you miss you, my dear.
* i was thisclose to buying a gocco printer for $300. after much pondering and weighing out the pros and cons, i came to the conclusion that it was too much to spend on something that is being discontinued and nearing obsoleteness. there may be an alternative though...rebecca from mon petit lapin made these classy teatowels with her screen printing kit. hmmmm...
* i am now up to date with gossip girl. i love blair. i hate serena. period. i prefer bitchy characters with hearts of gold.
* saw nick and norah''s a bit like a cute teenaged (and very drunken) version of before sunrise


Anabela said...

Ossington and Queen -- you must be talking about World Sew! I love that place! The fabric is always so dusty but they have some good deals. I got a French curve ruler there for less than $20.

You are too cute!

Q's Daydream said...

I love all the pictures!!! :o) You look too cute!

Don't be discouraged about the eggs benedict, it's usually so yummy!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Aw dont be sad :( although I bet it is a bit sad :( You guys really do breakfast in style though!! You always have such yummy breakfast pictures - jealous! And your skirt looks super cute too xx

Anonymous said...

jona says:
i was down in parkdale and saw that exact same french spray paint!

tu es très mignonne comme d'hab :)

John M said...

the frittata was excellent. i could not have asked for a better breakfast. ;) i miss you too dear.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Aw, I'm sorry you had a bad Eggs Benedict experience, it's one of my favourite meals! :)

Looks like you had a fantastic time - the pics are lovely.

melissa said...

anabela- yes! world sew! it IS very dusty! i sneezed when he handed me the cut fabric. ahaha. i should go back for more fabric.

quincy- thank you! and i'll go somewhere else for eggs benedict next time! i'm not going to give up my quest for the perfect eggs benedict!

rebecca- thank you! i made another one in's so versatile and easy to make!

jona - merci! et l'aime - "comme d'hab"! je vais le dire aussi.

john - it's because i ordered it for you. ahahaha. :P xox

andrea - thank you! i'll give it another try! they were quite busy that morning, so maybe that's why the eggs were too poached!

megan and melissa said...

that breakfast looks divine! (except for the eggs. not a big egg fan-- only sometimes.)
I love your tights! so cute! Here in my neck of the woods, it isn't too cold yet, but I am waiting for the day I can whip out my boots and tights.
Hope your week is happy!
p.s. i'm totally on blair's side. serena can be such a beast.