Thursday, October 16, 2008

crafty space #3

happy thursday everyone :)

oohhhh so last thursday, i talked about crafty spaces that i really like. i've decided to do the same today :)

on tuesday night, john and i went to the workroom's one year anniversary.
there were prizes that were being given away...and i am the lucky winner of a $100 class card at the workroom!!!

please excuse the blurry quality, the dorkiness, and the size of my nose in this picture. but off to the right are the shelves of fat quarters. so juicy!

i just can't stop gushing about the workroom because it is one of my favorite places to be in.
i had always wanted to learn how to use the sewing machine so i could make things and sew my own clothes (i thought it would be the best way to save some money and have things fit me well). when i first searched for sewing classes in toronto over a year ago, nothing came up on google that interested me. they were either too pricey or just not appealing. then this year, after finally being done and over my undergrad (i now have more time to do things!), i googled it again and this time i found the workroom.

it's owned by the very talented and creative karyn, and it's a cozy place where you can sew by the hour (with sergers and the much coveted berninas!), make things (they have a gocco printer and laser cutter!) and take classes (there's always cold iced tea and jar of cookies waiting). it's oozing with warmth and the most beautiful (picked by karyn) selection of fabrics - amy butler, kokka, echino, denyse schmidt, and more.

isn't it all so yummy? it's art in shelves.

anyway, the event was a lot of fun! it felt like a wine and cheese party because karyn had a nice spread of cheeses and crackers and wine. there were also vegan cupcakes, of which, i must admit, i had four :)
(of course i couldn't leave without buying any fabric. i bought three meters of canvas to make totes with and four fat quarters.)

so, if you like crafting, or sewing, or quilting, or if you just like pretty things, or want to learn how to sew, you must visit the workroom. you'll love it, i promise! :)

the workroom
1340 queen street west
toronto, ontario M6K 1L4
416 534 5305


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Oooo I'm so jealous I dont live near! Anabela from FieldGuided goes too and it sounds fantastic, wow your going to have so much fun blowing 100 bucks!! lets ee your goodies.....!

Q's Daydream said...

I wish I lived in Toronto! There are no good sewing courses around here. I love your outfit! That blouse is great! :o)


Oh stop it, your nose is adorable dear...lookin' fab!
Must be like a kid in a candy store, colours are all so eyecandy!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Hey melissa, thanks for the comment Yep I can print on paper too, its not quite like a Gocco - its a lot lot bigger plus I think with the Gocco you can just put splodges of paint on it, whereas with the screen you have to paint one colour at a time and wash the screen in between. You can use the light exposing technique with a screen like a Gocco though. I would love a Gocco too they are so neat and look real easy and fun to use but they are just so much money for something that has been discontinued :( Hope you have a great weekend!

karyn said...

aren't you sweet?! i was totally thrilled that i drew your name for that big prize at the party. you deserve it. it's inspiring to see how enthusiastic you are about sewing.

Heidi said...

I just came across your blog through Goodness. Lovely!

melissa said...

rebecca- oh yes i know anabela from fieldguided! i found her through karyn's blog! i will have pics up of fabric soon! :)//i was thisclose to buying a gocco printer for $300!!!
quincy - thank you! toronto is an awesome city!
lenore- teehee thanks! but seriously, it feels like it got bigger. maybe too much lying? harhar. and yes, it is like a candy store. you just want to have a everything!
karyn- i will see you soon for a class!
heidi- hello! :) thank you! your blog is lovely too!