Monday, October 6, 2008

survival 101

my sister asked me how i'm surviving without a laptop.
surprisingly i'm handling it pretty well.

of course i can't

* update my blog as often (i'm writing this at work)
* check my mail when i want (the family computer is always being used)
* watch a movie (i like watching movies in my room)
* upload my pictures (no usb cord. i was using the memory card insert thing on my laptop. which means boring, image-less blog entries by me for the moment)

but this weekend i've been quite "productive":

*i'm rereading jane eyre. i didn't know that mr. rochester was THAT old. last time i read it was when i was in grade 8, which was several, several years ago.
*cleaned the bathroom.
*made pancakes.
*wrote letters (i love making cards and sending them out)
*hung out with best friend :)
*practiced on the piano (for more than an hour. quite a record breaker.)
*and i finished a dress and a skirt!

i used the built by wendy pattern 3964 again, but omitted the inset and redrafted the front piece. it's so much easier and better looking that way! i worked on it like i used to work on my essays: took lots of breaks in between. but all in all it should have only taken a morning to do(without the cutting of the fabric and transferring of marks- i find this takes the longest. i always do this the night before). there were less mistakes and minimal seam ripping, yay!
i also added the sleeves but didn't elasticize them. instead, i hemmed it and drafted out a pattern for epaulet looking things to go with the sleeves, similar to this:

i used gold buttons that i got on sale for 50c from fabricland.
i must say that i will be wearing this often!
i'll post up photos, hopefully soon...

have a nice monday!

3 more days till my partner in crime comes! :)

ps: i am itching to buy fabric. argh. argh. argh. but i'm trying not to spend, especially since i have a stack of fabrics waiting to be turned into dresses!


John M said...
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megan and melissa said...

I totally know what you mean about buying fabric! I am a fabric-aholic. I always want to buy more when I have a perfectly good stack sitting in my closet, waiting to be used. right now, I am looking for fabric so I can make a dress from a 40s style pattern--way cute! can't wait to see your pics of your sewing endeavours!

John M said...

partner in crime yes, but it depends on what kind of crime.hahaha i bet your dress and skirt looks so pretty on you. i cant wait to see you!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Oh no I'm sad I cant see piccies of your creations! I hope you manage to get your comp fixed although its always good to have a bit of time away I get more addicted to mine day by day! Thanks for your comments on my posts recently and sorry I've been a bit lame at replying, now exams are over I'll do much better! Apparently the UK government are demanding tighter restrictions on the marketing of unhealthy foods to children hence doing away with the 'cartoon villians' promoting unhealthy cereals like yummy yummy frosties! Its a sad day :) x

melissa said...

melissa- sigh...and it doesn't help that i get discount when i buy fabric, but it only means that i'm spending more than i should. i also have a growing set of fat quarters but i haven't touched them because i feel like i'd be wasting them!

john- you're the best ikea breakfast partner ever :) and the dress was made for you!

rebecca- i know! i was getting obsessed too! i'm thinking of giving myself a cutoff hour from the laptop once i get it fixed (apparently the hard drive is completely dead. it was making all these clicking sounds!).you'll see pics soon! :)