Sunday, October 12, 2008

happy turkey day!

happy thanksgiving!

sigh. i am thankful for so many things. :)

i am feeling really sleepy and lethargic right now. i also feel as if i ran a marathon. i peeled so many potatoes today to make my really awesome mashed potatoes. :)

i love thanksgiving.
i think it's because it's a holiday that doesn't require pretentious gift giving that happens during christmas (i love christmas though, don't get me wrong!). and everyone's just together at the table, eating a meal that they've all prepared together. sigh.

anyhoo, i hope everyone had a good weekend, just as i did! :)

ps: this is an interesting article on turkey and its lethargic effects. i've heard people say that turkey has something that makes you feel really sleepy, so i decided to look it up. it's partly true, but it's also because of our massive carb intake during thanksgiving dinner!


John M said...

where's my picture?
your mashed potatoes were so amazing!!

Q's Daydream said...

I love Thanksgiving! I still have a month to go till it's here! Great pics! :o)


Happy Thanks Giving over there...
The potatoes pic looks so good... like a landscape of goodness...yum! Glad you took part in the 'guessing-game' dear... silly fun wasn't it?! ;)

melissa said...

john - i'll put it up, don't worry :)

quincy - and your thanksgiving is closer to christmas, which makes it more festive! it makes me want to watch miracle on 34th street. hehe.

lenore- i loooove potatoes. they're my all time comfort food. and the game was a lot of another one! :)