Saturday, October 25, 2008

it was a good weekend.


for polaroid lovers like me, check this out. unfortunately it's for mac users only. and i am waiting for the day that they come up with something for normal pcs.

aaaaand, thank you for all your sweet comments, ladies! :)

on friday night, after several attempts to straighten my hair, i gave up and gave it a wash.
which helped, TREMENDOUSLY. i'm actually liking it now. it was definitely the ridiculous amounts of mousse that she massaged into my hair.

it was back to regular goodness in the weekend, despite my lack of sleep. i finished the powerpoint at 3 am, and girlies, i am running on 5 hours of sleep and am ready to drop.
* it was my first class on saturday and i am loving my group of grade eights. they asked lots of questions and kept me on my toes, which i really love!
* the TRENDS event was a huge success! we held it this time at the lovely hart house at uoft. there were so many girls that came that some of them had to stand...this has never happened before! it was so nice being with teensies again. it makes me feel younger and hipper (ahaha. who says that?)
* the bake sale was super fun...and very tasty. i had too many samosas and white chocolate chip cookies.

and someone please save me from etsy.

or do i even want to be saved?
in the span of a week i bought
* more fabric from matatabi
* the adult couture dress and smock blouse (thanks for the tip anabela!)
* and a pair of vintage two-tone spectator heels with tassels
and the shopping isn't even done. i have to buy other supplies for my christmas presents.

i've also signed up for three classes at the workroom:
1) knock it off - we get to learn how to re-create a pattern from a piece of clothing that we have
2) holiday printing party - we get to make a set of holiday cards, gift tags and wrapping paper!
3) sewn men's tie - i finally get to learn how to make a tie for john. i've promised to make him four for christmas! i'm also thinking of making my brothers some for christmas eve.
i am so excited!

i also started making a dress last night and i can't wait to be finished! it's made of knit jersey and has ruffles on the neckline :) i'll make sure to take pics.

thanks your comments again girls. they really made my day!
i hope everyone has a good week :)
4 more days till candy!


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Wow sounds like you had a jam packed awesome weekend! You must tell me about that dress book as I have been very tempted to purchase it for some time but im just not sure I would be able to work out the directions esp. as Ive never made a dress before but all of the ones in there look so cute. What happened to your polaroid camera? I always see them around car boots here for like £1 or 50p! I could post one onto you but eek theyre pretty heavy I bet the packaging costs would be a bit astronomically scary! Share your fabrics with us soon!

megan and melissa said...

I wish the polaroid download was available for PC users like myself.
I am so jealous of the classes you are going to take! It has been a while since I took a class, and I have been dying to take one! The knock it off one sounds so cool!
Glad to hear that your hair is working better, I always need to do it myself before i ever really like it.
Have fun with your crafty adventures, and have a good Monday!

John M said...

neckties! yey!!! i can't wait!

Kirsty said...

I'm dying for that Poladoid to be available to us!

Can't wait to see your dress - it sounds divine.


exciting...the 'knockitoff' class sounds so interesting... my grandma was a sewing teacher! I wish I have more time in a day...

Share more pics fm the projects dear!

melissa said...

rebecca- my polaroid died while i was in rome! the very last picture it took was of st. peter's basilica. :( afterwards the pictures wouldn't come out developed anymore! i haven't been able to find any polaroid cameras here, surprisingly. and i'll make sure to let you know how the japanese book is! i saw some picture of the patterns online and i have to admit that they are quite daunting!
melissa - i think it should be available sometime in november! :) i can't wait! of course the real thing is much better. and hopefully you will be able to take some classes soon, once you have more free time from school.
john - yesiree bob...4 to be exact! that is my challenge for the year. i might eat my words though. harhar. je t'aime.
kirsty- i'm wearing it now! i finished it last night. i promised myself i won't do anymore one-night sewing!
lenore- i know what you mean! and i wish there were more sunlit hours in a day! i hate waking up and coming home in darkness!