Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"battle scars"

last sunday was like spring cleaning in my room. i had taken out all of my clothes from my closet and sorted through the ones that i no longer like or wear. i came out with a huge bag full.

i also decided to get rid of the things that i made.

i told john that i got rid of my poorly sewn clothes, and he begged for me to fish them out of the bag so that he could keep them.
when my sister found out what i had done, she told me that yes, i should retrieve them and keep them, because these are my battle scars.
i'm looking at them now and i can't believe that i wore them out or to work!
so without further ado, here are my scars. and they ain't pretty. hardeehar.

this is the first shirt i made. i made it without a pattern. i wore it to work for casual friday. my dad called it my recyclable shirt. worn twice.

my first attempt to sew from a pattern. this is the anda dress from burda style, and the final product shouldn't look like this. i printed the pattern without changing the page layout. this has been infamously called the potato sack by my very sarcastic co-worker. it is also my first attempt at bias binding. worn once. and never again. (i got compliments though, funny enough. this girl at this boutique, and another lady who thought it was from club monaco) haha.

this is the camille skirt. i used a tutorial on how to make mui mui-esque skirts. i didn't use enough fabric. i thought the gold thread was a pretty cute touch though. worn once.

i thought, hey since i've been sewing for a few months now, why not try a built by wendy pattern? they're supposed to be simple. i chose the wrong pattern to start with. argh. it was all going smoothly until i did the inset. and the one thing that screwed it up even more was the topstitching, which i really suck at, and the dress was too short. so i tried to lengthen it by sewing onto it more fabric. it came out wonky in the end. i wore it anyway. my co-worker asked me if i made it, and i learned my lesson. to avoid another potato sack comment, i said no. it was thrifted. ahaha. he believed me and thought it was nice and unique (sometimes the word "unique" can be such an insulting word, but that' s just me). worn once.

it's a very good thing that the fabrics i used were all $3 a meter, or else i would have been really angry at myself.

the only thing that i'm proud of and that i've worn lots of times already is the knit jersey dress that i made from the sew u stretch book. this one got compliments as well, but i never owned up to making it. it avoids further scrutiny, you know? (it is for that reason that i won't be posting up any pictures of it. haha)

so now my "wip" (as fellow crafters call it) or work in progress, is my second attempt at the built by wendy dress, sans the inset. i'm using light denim (which i purchased a few weeks ago and got 50 % discount) this time.

i'm envisioning it to be wiksten - ish.

yars, yars. i'm dreaming.

but a girl can dream.

ps: gross. i hate it when my cat cleans himself in my room.


John M said...

hey you! they're not bad at all.

briannelee said...

I don't think your sewing looks bad at all! I can't sew AT ALL, so the fact that you can make something that even resembles something wearable is pretty cool to me :)

Wendy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! That's so awesome that you made all that! They don't look bad at all. I've yet to try sewing my own clothes, but I want to try some simple things. :)

Q's Daydream said...

Maybe it's because I have yet to attempt my first dress, but I think yours are quite good...lol! I just received my Sew U book in the mail yesterday and am so excited about it!
PS. I hate when my cat gets right in front of me when I'm typing on the computer! Lol :o) I do love my cat though!

melissa said...

johnny - they will be gracing your closet soon. haha.

brianne & wendy - thank you!
i have to follow instructions much more closely next time. i also have the bad habit of trying to sew everything in one night!

quincy - that is exciting! i love the sew u book...you should get home stretch as well. knits are much more forgiving than woven fabrics.
ps: i looooove my cat...he's the baby of my family. he likes to sit on my fabrics sometimes. he used to also sit on the textbook or binder i would be reading from!

Anabela said...

Oh hi! So I was going through your blog a bit and found this and had to laugh. That Built By Wendy pattern is THE WORST! I was thinking today about how I might try it again, but I know I shouldn't. The dress I ended up with looked like a hospital gown. It's so badly made, it doesn't look very good, and it doesn't fit well, but I wear it anyway. Haha.

I have a stack of "scars" too. Some of it cannot be worn in public.