Wednesday, October 8, 2008

last shot of summer & other things.

* summer's come and gone so fast. fall's settled in and the leaves are changing colors and more and more houses are getting their halloween decorations up.

* i splurged on 3 pairs of tights today. i really want teal and yellow ones.

* i am now caught up with gossip girl. and am loving chuck & blair more than ever. and am now hating serena.

* i hemmed my dress and skirt an extra two inches.

* i made another skirt last night! i am starting to love hemming. but i have yet to do invisible stitches. i'll give it a try with my next dress.

* discovered these lovely and good blogs.

* i really really really want to learn how to quilt and am hoping that the workroom has space in their presto nine patch class.

* i'm getting my laptop back tomorrow! i am giving myself a cut off time though. the laptop has to be shut off by 1o pm. i'm never leaving it on overnight again.

* bored at work? this is kinda silly, but really addictive. especially if you're competing with your co-workers.

* i am loving the following:

from the dorothy lee collection

built by wendy collection

* i have another TRENDS meeting tonight. october 25 is the next event! i love planning. :)

* i also signed up for back tack. more details later...but it will be my first crafty swap ever and am very excited!

and that isallisallisall.

it's rainy in toronto...i can't wait to go home and snuggle under the covers. and read more jane eyre. hehe. jane eyre hurts my heart.

one more sleep! :)

have a nice wednesday everyone!



loving the details of the blouse by Dorothy Lee...and that 'grainy' pic is so lovely...bye2x summer & hello Autumn indeed*

~blessings* to you dear & happy Fall season...

John M said...

one more sleep! i can't wait.

megan and melissa said...

i know what you mean about gossip girl-- serena is a total beast lately.
So, tights, huh? I am dying to try colored ones, but haven't been shopping for them yet. I must remember to grab some before they are taken. I want to find some yellow ones too. plus some plum or red ones.
have fun reading Jane Eyre... one of my favorites, so fascinating!
lots of love

leslie said...

hi there.
i just saw that you found my blog. and i'm glad you did. i will take read through your blog as well. i was born across the lake from you. in the niagra region. and i love lovely design, too. whoohoo for canadians!

melissa said...

lenorenevermore - thank you! i hope you're feeling better!
and i will definitely have a happy fall season. fall is my favorite!

john - you're at the airport now :) i caaaan't wait to see you!

melissa - oooohhh i was thinking of red but it might be too flashy for where i work...but PLUM. that is a very good idea! i think i'll buy a pair of those! :)

leslie - i found you first through etsy when i was searching for japanese fabric. i am so glad i found yours too! and yes, woohoo for canadians! happy thanksgiving! :)

joanna//glamour magazine said...

i love those braids!! your blog is so fun to read through.