Wednesday, October 29, 2008


last year for halloween, because i had cut my hair like a boy, i wanted to wear a wig. so i thought i'd go as svelte, mysterious, demure morticia adams. i bought the wig from party packagers, and to my dismay, the wig was not as straight as it had been pictured on the package! (there are some great tips on how to straighten a wig here)

i combed it out to no avail (which i learned today i wasn't supposed to do) and resorted to being her daughter instead. i braided the wig and put together an outfit from my own closet: an oxford shirt (i would have wanted a peter pan collared shirt), a black 3/4 sleeve shirt, and a jersey skirt from american apparel. presto, you've got wednesday adams!
the great thing about it too was that it didn't look like a costume sans the wig. so i didn't have to change out of anything afterwards.
(les photos are from last year. please excuse the crappy 4.0 megapixel quality.)

it's funny because when i got to work, someone had dressed up as morticia. (yes they stand on desks here at work. we have monthly meetings that are called "standups" where the big boss stands on a desk so that he could address the entire floor.)

with mary, who's dressed up as tonks. i think. i'm not sure. her cubicle was awesome though. she made an actual hogwart's door. perfect against nosey co-workers. harhar.

do you need last-minute halloween ideas?
why not go as the cereal killer? hardeeharhar
or as a box of crayola? this is the perfect group costume.

this year i've decided to go as little red riding hood (i'll be holly next year. please remind me not to cut my hair. harhar). i'm going to fabricland today to get red fabric. i found a great tutorial on how to make a hooded cape. i'll be wearing my black puffy homemade skirt and heeled mary janes and i will be lugging around the family picnic basket.
another funny thing i discovered AFTER i planned my costume for this year, is that alix did something similar for wednesday AND little red right here.
i must be doing something right then. :)
have a great day everyone!
ps: 2 more days till candy!
pps: 2 more days till the fabulous four are reunited!


Q's Daydream said...

Too cute!!! You look great! :o)

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Hey melissa, great costumes, I gotta say I love the crayola idea hehe! I've been looking back through your lonely dollop softies - I love them! Im making one for a friend who just passed his exams (he is the shiznay!) what did you make yours from? felt or brown fleece? they look so ironically cuddley!

Kirsty said...

You look gorgeous! Looking forward to this year's costume.


hOW FUN!!!
Spooktacular dear... :)