Tuesday, October 14, 2008

friday's excursion

i must talk about downtown t.o because it is one of my favorite places to be in. beware, this is going to be a post of pictures!

when john comes to visit, i like to take friday off and we just spend an entire day shopping, looking around, and of course eating (john's fun to eat with because he eats my tomatoes and always saves me the last bite. and there's just lots to talk about!)
instead of doing our usual thing, that is, going to ikea for breakfast, we went straight to downtown and had breakfast at sunset grill.

sunset grill
1 richmond st. west, toronto, ON M5H 3W4
(416) 861-0514
7 AM to 4 PM

the servings were generous, coffee was bottomless, the waitress was very attentive, but the potatoes could have been better (i am quite picky with my potatoes).

john, being the tea lover he is, wanted to try out the the red tea box, which we discovered while walking to the workroom on queen street (one of my favorite streets. there's just so many things to discover each time). i don't like tea at all (except for bubble tea. hehe) but the display window boasts of fondant covered cakes and cupcakes...that of course drew me in.

red tea box
696 queen west, toronto
416 203-8882

it also seems so idyllic and tranquil, but this whole experience was ruined by two things:
1) the very rude manager - who totally lacks people skills. she is actually quite notorious. i've read plenty of reviews and everyone complains about her.
2) the nasty, overpriced cake that we ordered for dessert (yes, the ones that drew me in in the first place). we got a chocolate malt layer cake and that was disgusting. it was mostly made of fondant and the insides were crumbling as if it was baked a week ago. all for the price of $11.
we got mushroom soup and this beef sandwich. it was tasty and herby, but the soup was obviously reheated and the beef was cold.
one thing i liked though was the cantaloupe infused water our waitress gave us. just simply cut up large slices of cantaloupe (they didn't even peel it. that's where a lot of the flavor is, that's why) and leave them in your water pitcher. it's supposed to cleanse the pallet.
i'd go back there, as long as i avoid dessert and that awful lady.

here are more pictures from friday (hover over "notes" to see notes):

this is the dress i made, by the way! it has imperfections, but i love it and will wear it again! :)
i made this with the built by wendy pattern 3964, without the inset.


a cat of impossible colour said...

I'm totally impressed that you made that dress! :)

Bad service can really ruin a meal out, can't it? Grr.

megan and melissa said...

i loooove your dress! you look so cute, and I love the sleeves- a great detail.
your town outing looks so fun-- i hope your day wasn't too ruined by the awful cake. there's nothing worse than bad cake. especially chocolate.
your pictures are awesome too. can't say enough about them. sending all the best

Q's Daydream said...

Your so cute! Your dress looks awesome! Thanks for the blonde or brunette comment you left on my blog, I really have been missing being blonde so it's fun to hear others opinions! I'm going to grow my hair out for a couple months then go blonde again. After going blonde you need a major trim and I don't want to end up bald...LoL! :o)

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Wow that breakfast looks so scrummy! Nice work with the dress, its lovely I really like the fabric you've used - good skills! Thanks for your comment, I'm feeling better now - chicken soup is a lifesaver!

Kirsty said...

The dress looks fabulous!

melissa said...

andrea- oh yes, it totally can! but i'll definitely be going back, as weird as it seems!

melissa- thank you! it was a lot of fun making the dress...the sleeves was a last minute thing! i got inspired by this really old gap roll up shirt that i have.

quincy - thank you! and i am most anxiously waiting for your decision! hehe.

rebecca - oh the breakfast was great! it's my favorite meal of the day. i can't wait to make another one! and i'm glad you're feeling better...when i'm sick i have lots of tomato soup!

kirsty - thank you! you and i still have to "officially" introduce ourselves :)

karyn said...

what a fun day with your boy! i love the photo of the lady on the vespa. how cute. and your dress - i'm glad i got to see it in person. you have such great style. it's very impressive the way you customized the pattern. you rock!

alyson. said...

your dress is fantastic! I love the sleeves.