Sunday, July 13, 2008

packing and other things.

augh. kill me.
i hate packing.
i have to pack 3 years' accumulation of stuff. so far i have packed 1/8 of my room in two boxes. those are just my books. the real feat will be the the closet.

after much deliberation, i have decided that this will be the color scheme for my new room. inspired by peonies, tiffany boxes, my h&m layered top and the green club monaco shirred skirt.

no no. this is not a poser pic. it's the shirt that i made thursday night, which i've worn twice already.
two things: i really should hem (but too lazy to do so...i wish i owned a serger! that's next on my list after an ice cream maker) and ruffles are easy to make...i just need to remember to kno the threads...they're coming a bit undone now. but for a beginner shirt, not bad at all! i'll be sewing up another shirt and a skirt pretty soon.

it's taking me 15 minutes to dry my hair now...which means that my hair is growing out! woohoo...

yesterday i made some pouches at the workroom. this is one of them. i'm planning to make some as christmas presents.

sigh. i aspire to be karyn who makes her own ice cream. haha. i have yet to try the ice cream recipes in my nigella cookbook. my birthday's coming up, however...i can put that request in hehe.

yesterday was a lovely day. i had a spinach and cheese croissant and a cup of coffee. it was truly a la holly golightly/audrey, although she was having breakfast at tiffany's and i was having mine on a streetcar. afterwards i just walked along queen street west, perused the stores, but found nothing that i really liked. i did buy some new fabric and insane amounts of zippers and bias tape. i came home with things for john, but none for me, which is fine. i find that now that i've been sewing and thrifting, nothing really appeals to me anymore. i am dying to sew my own clothes from patterns.
anyhoo, it was nice to be by myself and not be in such a hurry. i had wanted to sit in a cafe and eat a nice plate of salad and nuts and cheese with fruit, but the weather wasn't very cooperative.
speaking of food, if one day you find yourself dessert-less, but with a box of vanilla ice cream, some bread and nutella and strawberry jam, you could do an improvised, deconstructed poor man's version of a napoleon:

1. toast bread.
2. butter bread.
3. flatten bread with a rolling pin or your hand if feeling lazy.
4. nutella the slices up.
5. jam up the other slices.
6. cut in squares.
7. layer them alternately .
8. top with creme glacee in vanille flavor.
as bizarre as it sounds, trust me, it's really good. it will definitely satisfy your craving for something sweet. this is definitely a melissa original...whowould'vethunk? bread and ice cream at the same time. haha.

my birthday wish list:
1. an ice cream maker
2. a cuisinart or kitchen aid mixer
3. a vintage typewriter
4. loads of vintage and japanese fabric
5. stamps and ink pads
6. antique perfume bottles
7. a bouquet of flowers
8. another class at the workroom
9. a serger
10. a chandelier for my room
11. sewing books and sewing patterns

anyhoo...must get on now with packing.
sitting amidst strewn clothes and papers and books gets exhausting after a while.


Anonymous said...

a birthday wish list!
that makes my life so much easier now.hahaha
thanks babe

smelly melly said...

would you like me to do it in order of preference too?
hehe jk :) je t'm