Saturday, July 19, 2008

toronto, je t'aime and other things.

i unearthed these pictures i took a year ago. i totally forgot about them (which tends to happen when pictures are not digital).

i love queen street, east or west. but i love west the most, especially the parkdale area...i'm there every week. there's always something new to discover. lordy i sound like a provincial promotional ad. but it's the truth.

le quartier chinois. lots of fruit and $10 clothes that are absolutely awesome.

i am craving:
salade nicoise

crap. barefoot contessa is done...but ohhhhh giada has new everyday italian episodes. awesomeness teehee.

i am dying for coffee. i can feel the headache coming on. everything that pertains to caffeine (coffee granules, coffeemaker) is in the new house.

speaking of which, my dad, brothers and i were till the wee hours of the morning. it's really nice this time because i got to prime my room (which used to be a heinous light purple and light green). now i know how people on trading spaces feel like.
i can't wait for my room to come together. i've picked my paint color.
it's called wedding veil. haha.
i want my walls all white, with nice billowy, sheer curtains.
i'll get my splashes of color from throw pillows (which i will be making! heehee), the tiffany green phone that i snagged from the thrift store, and hopefully *crosses fingers* the teal typewriter i'm watching on ebay.

i packed more things yesterday.
holy crap.
i didn't know i had THAT much stuff.
goshdiggitydammit. and it's not like they're junk.
there's boxes for
sewing (like a bin of fabrics)
and then other personal things.
and then my big bag of hangers and my big luggage of clothes.
it's amazing how a 12x10 room can hold all that.

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i want the pictures!
can i have it please?